Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jung and Pony Personality Test

Pony personality test, oh my!

I was checking out the My Little Pony News Blog and stumbled across Ponies, Fakies, and Carebears... Oh My! which lead me to Bronyland.  See the wild yet obvious route my web browsing habits are?  Some days, like today, they make sense, others... not so much.

Anyway, on they have devised an awesome Pony Personality Test.  Because you have always wanted to know which pony you are haven't you?????  Admit it.

Pony Personality Test <= go take the test... if for anything its fun and you will probably giggle by the end.

I wound up with Fluttershy.  No real surprise there since I love animals, calm down in nature, and even crave the color yellow, among other reasons.  They create this chart that shows how much you are like each of the 6 main characters in FiM.  That's where is gets interesting.

(I accidentally wrote Shutterfly instead of Fluttershy... maybe that is my pony name being a shutterbug that fly's... hrm...)
My favorite characters on FiM are Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.  So looking at this handy dandy chart it appears my favorite characters are both the one that I am like and my complete opposite!  Go figure.  On one of my rare overtired and hyper days I am a dead ringer for Pinkie Pie, no joke.  So I don't really find that so odd either.  Also apparently I am completely out of the average range with Fluttershy.

In college I took the Jung Personality test.  All I remember about it is that it was ridiculously long and I believe it was an activity (or focus group for the school) for the Student Ambassadors.  I was a Student Ambassador which meant I worked for the school helping run and coordinate student activities.  This was job number two on top of full time classes and full time work, but at least it was fun work.  I got paid to meet students, have my palm read, run candlelight vigils (Take Back the Night), handout welcome kits, student tours, etc.  Fun work.  Anyway the school asked the Student Ambassadors and possibly a few of the clubs to participate and it was a two day activity where we took this insanely long scan tron and then returned for the results and group activity.  In that test I wound up an INFP (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception).  I was the only person in the group that came up with this personality type and from what was said at the time INFP's represent 10% of the population and are also called the healer personality.  Go wiki that.  My point is this is not the first time I wound up on the abnormal side of a personality test.

I also think that the description given for Fluttershy fits pretty well with the INFP.  But I will leave that up to you to go check out.  If you are interested in taking a Jung Personality Test or learning more about the types here are some sites to get you started.

There appears to be a quite a few free tests and many that are based on the Jung test, but why bother with something "based on" the real test.  The Jung test is 68 questions and should take about an hour to complete.  I have a feeling the actual Jung test is available for free as well but I gave up taking these tests because I have always wound up with the same result.  I just can't change who I am.

I think it might be interesting to see if other people find similarities between the two test results.  Let me know if anyone does or does not!

Oh, and lets not forget that when I started collecting the FiM ponies the first pony I bought was Fluttershy and way before watching the hub.  I had also picked up Cupcake, because I refer to one of my best friends as Cupcake.  ;o)

I haven't even broken the surface with color types.... I am sure that topic will pop up eventually.

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