Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Precognition and Pinkie Sense!

Oh I can't sleep!

Precognition, divination, sixth sense, esp, pinkie sense... or guardian angel...

I am actually surprised at some people that have no clue what I mean when I say sixth sense.  I thought everyone knew what that was.  Of course because of the movie, many think it is related to ghosts alone, but it's not.  I have to wonder if the same people have ever heard of divination or precognition?

This week has been chock full of disappointing circumstances.  Each of the three I had a precognition about though.

The first one that occurred on Sunday I had a dream about over the summer except it was much more horrifying.

The second one that happened Monday was a long time coming, but I had posted on Twitter a visual image from The Daily Love that said turn the B.S. into P.S. and also "today is the day when I start treating people as they treat me,"and on facebook "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you..."
  It's interesting to me that even though Monday's mishap was a long time coming the posts were actually directed at something different.

The third one happened Tuesday and obviously for most of the day I was working and writing the previous blog.  I did post this quote in the morning "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity."  Tuesday's mishap I just had a feeling about.  I knew.

It's so weird and I can't explain it but I knew it.  It's just like how I just happened to decide to stay in Friday night and wound up missing what would have been terrible because of another bar goer.  It was weird because the second going out rather then staying in was mentioned to me early in the week I was not at ease with it but on previous nights I have been perfectly fine, but that night I just couldn't get the knot out of my stomach so I stayed in.  It's like how when I do go out I always leave just before the drama breaks out.  It's also how I have manged to slip in and out of places with precision avoidance which I think is a miracle.

Or like how I rarely get caught in the rain.  The trapeze school I train at is outdoors and not once through four months of weekly training did it rain during my classes.  In fact, I have never had a class canceled or been there during rain.  I was at work one day and it had been raining and someone asked if it was going to stop and I remember saying "yes in about fifteen minutes when I leave."  They thought I was being funny, but when I left work it wasn't raining anymore.

Precognition is so strange.  Sometimes its wrong but many times it's right.  My dreams really freak me out because I have some awful dreams sometimes and the one involving Sundays slap in the face was awful and one of the ones I did not want to ever come true.  When I was living in more stressful times I used to have really bad dreams where I was being chased and held at gun point.  I remember being shot directly in the middle of my chest in one and feeling myself die.  I felt the impact of the bullet and a darkness spreading out from it and I woke up holding my rib cage because I could still feel the impact and the hole.  I have had dreams about people I don't know and not good dreams, but what can you do?  Sometimes it makes me worried to fall asleep.

I also have to wonder after listening to a coworkers beautiful stories about why she follows her faith and how God answers her prayers and having her tell me she has been praying for me.  I have to wonder.  Or by chance do I have a guardian angel?  Because with the things I have been through and gotten myself into I sometimes wonder why I am still here.

But for now I am going to refer to it as my own personal pinkie sense.  Except I don't twitch or have any idea exactly what will happen but I know when something bad is about to happen to me directly.

As of now I don't think I have anything to worry about for the rest of the week but that could change in the blink of an eye.  Bottom line... things are always looking up.

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