Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Truck Loads of Stress and Pressure equals Mood Swing City...

You know when you have one of those days where there is so much stress that you feel like your about to implode from the pressure?  That's me these days and I feel like a walking time bomb. 

Generally, I am pretty satisfied with my life these days.  I am in a great position personally and professionally.  To make things even more sweet I will be finished paying my massive student loans in about two months.  So I will be debt free and dare I say financially stable in an economy that is going through a depression.  Crazy how that works since I was always in a state of poverty during prosperity.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I can see it!

However, professionally life has been a bit overwhelming lately.  Working in food service is particularly demanding during the holidays and hospital food service is no different.  Between keeping patients, visitors, and employees satisfied while many of us have our heads on home holiday functions can be tricky.  But what really makes things messy are the special events throughout the hospital.  As the years have gone on I have become more and more involved in the special functions.  I have become the main contact for the refreshment end of these events.  I also have access to event information and editing that other departments handle and as this program we all developed together becomes more standardized I find myself managing more then the refreshments to keep the customer happy, remove glitches, and keep myself afloat.  I had a simple issue today where someone needed to add tablecloths to a breakfast for tomorrow but they also needed to edit the time and bump it up a half an hour.  Technically, I should direct her to the person that handles the room bookings, but I have access to move this myself and I need to get the schedule for the next day out so I just did it and let the booking person know.  I keep catching errors from another person in our group not entering meeting correctly and skipping equipment requests.  So on top of handling last minute party requests, I am also inadvertently managing other departments requests.

It boggles my mind how these parties pop up last minute and we have to allow them to.  Why?  No where else can you schedule a full blown department soiree the day before.  No where.  So while I am trying to get daily activities done I am handling requests from people that don't have their act together.  I am sorry but catering does not work that way.  It's imposing and it's rude.  Last week threw me for a loop when one department decided they needed 22 bottles of 2 liter soda the day before and at that point I could not get more soda in.  We sent what we could after all the other meetings were allocated first, because I am not about to short a group that put a request in or prepaid because someone dropped the ball.  We are not the grocery store everyone thinks we are.

So to add to this madness, we also have monthly reports of which were due early this month.  So while I am trying to get the buying done and handle these nutcase meetings I have finance calling and emailing me like lunatics for numbers that I don't have because I can't catch a breath let alone pop numbers into a report that takes all of five minutes.

To add more pressure it's also the time of year where we do our end of the year inventory which I believe we are working on next week or the following week.  I also have to start fixing up the bi annual floor stock inventory forms, updating prices throughout all my files for both inventory and unit supplies.  Not to mention start working on the December figures that are now half a month behind.

To say the least I am very much overwhelmed and it's not that I can't get help.  I could.  I could ask for my boss to help me.  They both offered but they don't know how to run the programs I am using and I don't see how training someone would save me anytime in the long run.

On top of everything, I still have mono and I am supposed to be taking it easy and slowing down.  It doesn't seem feasible.  Then someone I care about is noticeably ill.  I can't get the two images out of my head from last year when this person fell ill twice.  One time I found him laying in the back, crabby, in pain, and unwilling to get accept help.  I couldn't leave him there, so I went to one of the bosses and asked them to go take a peak because something was wrong.  The second time I saw the same person looking like death lifting and again I asked if they were alright and the person refused help.  The person wound up collapsing in the cafeteria.  I know I have spent time griping about this person (and rightly so) but regardless I do care about all the people I work with and I don't like seeing anyone in pain or get hurt.  Just thinking about it gets me quite upset.  I have turned into quite an emotional little creature.

Add to this a few of my girlfriends having serious man troubles.  One of which is dealing with an abuser that really makes me want to find him and tear him to pieces X-23 style. 

Not to mention this is all just before my birthday, so instead of going into tomorrow relaxed and happy to have a day off all I can think about are the millions of things going on in my life.  I really want to crawl into the corner of my bed curled up like a cat, weep, and stay there until it all fixes itself.  However, I think if I can make it through this week it will be smooth sailing.  Next week should be quieter and the following very quiet.  I can't wait.  I just hope my head doesn't explode in the meantime.  I also hope I don't blow up at anyone randomly.

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