Monday, December 5, 2011

What a wonderful day it has been...

So I was a good girl this weekend and did absolutely nothing other then a little light cleaning and a batch of fabulous banana peanut butter pudding cookies.  I watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night and inhaled a mini bag of kettle corn popcorn.  I don't like popcorn, but I LOVE kettlecorn!

I have spent the last few weeks mostly laying in bed watching movies and knitting.  Hey at least I can kind of be productive and it keeps my mind off of how completely bored I am.  Today I got to give my show buddy one of the scarfs.  I chose purple for her because she is a purple (and a green actually).  The more I get to know certain people the more I can tell what colors they are.  Though some still surprise me and if I am not sure I ask.  I can't tell with men though.  :/  Oh well.  I also like to work with really bright colors that are not very manly.  So far I have completed four scarfs that are meant for people.  I am kind of excited about it.  The yellow one is MINE because I am a yellow.  ;o)  I wonder if anyone can guess who the pink and denim are for?  Hint:  The pink one has to be mailed.

Being a good girl and laying in
bed. Check out the vitamins
and Cloraseptic. Sexy.
Anyway, today I went on a bus trip to see the Radio City Christmas Show!  This is one of those shows I have wanted to see for a very long time and never got the chance too.  Many of my past friends used to see it every year and go on about it.  I have to say it was well worth the wait!  For a change, a show I was excited for actually grabbed my attention and kept it throughout.  Lately many of the Broadway productions I have seen have let me down in one way or another the worst being The Little Mermaid and West Side Story.  I actually fell asleep during West Side Story and I don't like to be not entertained at a show.  It actually aggravates me that Broadway is not as good as it used to be.  There was a time where any show was amazing.  Okay except Sunset Blvd... boooo-ring!  I have gotten frustrated enough to prefer taking chances with shows I am not interested in seeing and finding that I am enjoying them much more, like Billy Elliot which I love now.

Chandelier in Radio City
So The Christmas Show was great!  The Rockettes are amazing.  You know how sometimes you watch a dance and think "with enough practice, I could do that."  Not so much with the Rockettes or at least I don't think so.  My favorite number is the Toy Soldiers.  The timing that takes is absolutely amazing.  I also enjoyed the tap dance at the beginning and the Santa dance.  I was not crazy about the Nutcracker number, but that's probably because I prefer the actual ballet.  I am thinking next year I might try to see the ballet in the city.  Last year I saw it locally as it's a huge production by a well known dance studio by me.  It's probably the only ballet I will ever be interested in seeing since I know the story so well.  Come to think of it I saw The Nutcracker on Ice ages ago with Oksana Baiul and Peggy Fleming and that I was not so crazy about.  It's just better as a ballet, but I also understand it was meant for the kids.

I also didn't care for the 3D video game number.  It just seemed pointless to me.  I get why it was there both as a way to engage children and also to reenforce the concept of the holidays being about spending time with those you love, but the dance number was hard to follow with the 3D bahumbugs and fireworks flashing in my face.

I also wasn't crazy about the religious ending but that kind of goes without saying considering it's a Christmas show.  But it was a very flat ending to an otherwise colorful and eventful show.  So much so that the lady sitting next to me completely lost interest and started taking photos with her cell phone and talking.  :/  Annoying!

Santa's Sleigh
On our way into the city somehow we managed to make the drive in an hour!  So we had 3 hours to kill.  We spent this time walking down the Macy's and meeting Santa in his workshop.  So much fun!  Herlad Square Macy's is one of those place I avoid both because I can easily get lost and confused and also because it's a tease since I can't afford much in there and everything is so pretty and shiny.  lol.  It's an interesting place where I can find my way in to the escalators and the elevators but never out.  Out is confusing. 

We also took a walk to the tree on our way back.  Overall it was a great Christmasy day.  We met Santa, saw the tree and got to see the Rockettes.  Can go wrong there can you?

I posted earlier on my wall about how I haven't been this joyful during the holidays in a very long time.  I wouldn't consider myself a ba-humbug but I have always been bitter about the holidays.  Mostly because what I see is retail as a means of spreading joy and that's not what this season is about.  Also because I get very annoyed when people try to push their religious beliefs and traditions on me.  I am not a fan of being forced into anything.  I have very different beliefs then those around me and while I don't actually have a problem with the holidays I do have a big problem being pushed into following Christian beliefs that I don't actively follow.   I was raised a lackadaisical Christian but personally I think that's wrong.  If I'm going to follow a religion and celebrate the holidays I feel like I should really have an understanding of exactly what I am following and celebrating. 

The tree!
I am not knocking religion at all.  I think it's an extremely important base for many people. Religion was also used as a form of punishment in my home which is extremely backwards.  Had it not been a form of punishment I do wish I had been raised with a better understanding of it.  I hope if I ever decide to have children to raise them with a religion and not like I was.

My point in saying all this is regardless of my normal Christmas funk I have perked up a lot this season.  I expect to be spending the day with my friends family for the third year in a row and now that the kids know me better it's a lot more fun.  I like to win over kids.  I did that last year by putting a Barbie jet together.  I won an 8 year old over today by showing him where the New Years Ball is, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and aiding my friend in telling him if he didn't finish his broccoli we were going to hang him upside down of the 2nd mezzanine for the whole show.  But as for holidays I don't think it's what religion you follow it's just about enjoying time with people as I will be this years.

Also perking me up is the promise of a fun New Years.  I have a two year-old's birthday to attend and I am pretty sure when he goes to bed it's turning into an adult party.  :o)  This Saturday I will be in the city spending time with another friend and seeing one on my girlfriends perform in a aerial show!  Technically she is doing acro and it's from what I understand her second performance ever.  I missed her first show because I had food poisoning back in May.  Not fun.  I will also be attending the Big Apple Circus next week for the very first time!  Circus Circus Circus.  Circus Smurkus! 

Lets hope I get more pictures during the next two trips!

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