Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Al Rio

What a sad day.  I was hoping to post about this past weekends Philly trip or pony cleaning, but I was hit with some sad news this morning that I had hoped was a hoax.

Al Rio has passed away.

I have been very familiar with Al's art over the years as he was a regular cover artist for Zenescope.  His work was always amazing, cheeky at times but never overly cartoony.  I never had the chance to meet him in person but an artist that sent out holiday cards to fans and only asked for them to pay postage if they would like it in an envelope has to have been a great guy.

I received the 2008 holiday card.  I paid the $1 to have it sent in an envelope so the card was not written on.  I believe he sent two cards.

My first researched cosplay was Sela as Bo Peep in a costume from his art on the cover of the Grimm Fairy Tales Las Vegas Annual.  I say researched because I did not make it and it was the first costume I would deem as cosplay for me.  It's actually the fist Bo Peep costume made by Playboy and I did a lot of hunting for it.  I do not plan on wearing it to a convention again, but maybe this calls for a future photo shoot.  After I make adjustments to the costume.  Reenforced straps, tighter elastic on the skirt, new grommets on the back, new bow in the front...

I honestly did not want to believe this bit of news and I am still hoping it's a hoax.  Due to the many sites that have reported on this as of now, the posts on deviantart, the posts on his facebook page, and the crying Supergirl on his website all point to one direction this leads me to believe it is true.

Please take a look at the article on the very bottom of this post.  Al Rio's family and friends are accepting condolence emails and donations beyond production costs on the recently opened Kickstarter campaign will be donated to Rio's family.

I am saddened by this news and I think I will partake in being hush online for a bit.

2008 Al Rio Holiday Card

Grimm Fairy Tales Las Vegas Annual

Bo Peep Cosplay
Remembering Al Rio

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