Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bronies for Good Fundraiser!

Here is something to smile about.  Bronies for Good have collaborated with My Little Remix for a charity fundraiser called Smile! to benefit "Chemo Pal Program easing treatment with Joy RX"

They are giving away free digital copies of the album created exclusively for this event called none other then Smile!  The album has 22 tracks from well known artists to undiscovered artists.  To make it better it has a wide range of musical genres.  There is something for everyone.  Not only that but they also have prizes available to top donors AND copies of the album are being sent to the kids this event is benefiting.

The event ends January 25, 2012 so get your donations in now. Here you can find all the details, how to donate, a full track listing, the prizes available, and updates!

Global Giving: Here is the page for the actual donations.  Make sure to check the previous link for instructions. A MLP music community that was a huge part of this charity fundraiser.

Go get ready to donate!  I am about to do so myself.  Kids need to smile!  The holiday season may be over but giving is something we can  and SHOULD do all year long.

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  1. Make sure you go to their website and read the instructions. I almost messed it up myself.


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