Saturday, January 7, 2012

Circus: Back on the Bar

Today was my return to Static Trapeze classes along with my gal pal KTU's Wendy Wild.  It just so happens that our free time always alines itself so that we wind up training together.

I went to class expecting to be a sloppy mess on a single trapeze.  Last year when we had classes at this school our amazing teacher Amy had three single static trapezes up and sometimes a hoop.  So we had three students doing the same tricks all at once.  Neither Wendy or I have the stamina to pull off a full hour long class on the bar so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.  I fell off the static trapeze last time I over exerted myself and I do not want to do that again, nor do I want to throw in the towel when I have 20 minutes of class left.

To our pleasant surprise, when we got there our instructor, another instructor, and a friend were working on choreographing a triple static trapeze act!  I have never seen triple static in action before.  In fact, I don't think I have ever watched it on youtube either.  I have seen double static often, but triple is a whole different trapeze bar!

Wendy was completely ready to jump on the triple static.  I was hesitant being unsure of my energy capabilities, but I did it anyway.  It's so much fun.  Similar to regular static but synchronized and there are more logistics to think about.  To the right is a picture of Wendy and me performing a trick called fish.  There are two of us on a triple.  In the space between us there should be another person and without that person my head was practically laying on Wendy's legs.  I also can't arch back as far as Wendy is because pushing her legs back would be a bad idea.

I am glad Wendy wanted to get on the triple, because it was a lot of fun and its looking like it might be out more often.  So who knows maybe a AllyCat and Wendy Wild act might be around the corner.  Personally I am not much of a stage person, but if I have a sidekick or someone relying on me I can pull it off.

We also trained on our normal single static trapeze but included a little bit of doubles.  Now I have gotten into the catcher lock and based for my instructor once before and had no problem with it.  Today, the lock felt great but the second I was holding someone it hurt.  It hurt a lot.  We were using a different single and it's the one I am not crazy about.  I am wondering if that is why, but wow did it hurt this time.  The additional weight digs the bar deep into the thighs and under the knee.

Every single time I go to class I psych myself out and wind up with anxiety.  Every time.  But the minute I put my hands on that bar everything snaps back into place.  It's one of the few things I get to do that is physically demanding, fun, relaxing, funny, thought provoking, and social all at once.

This is a bruise on my hip from flying trapeze.
Driving home (the hour and a half) about half way home I everything started aching.  It's a good ache.  It's the kind of ache that acrobats and gymnasts look forward too.  My back hurts from where the bar sits in a back star.  The backs of my knees from catchers lock and hanging.  The fronts of my thighs also from the lock.  My hips from hip balances.  I definitely scratched up my feet on the ropes.  I kicked the bar with the back of my heel at one point and I am curious to find out how that is going to feel.  I almost made the same mistake doing a slide that I did back in September when I ripped my ring finger open.  Ripping my finger open taught me to not let myself slide.  I am actually excited to see what kind of damage I did to myself bruise wise.  I know that is highly masochistic, but to me its achievement.  I wear my battle wounds proudly, because I am proud of my hobby and all the damage it does and can do.  It makes you respect the art form more as well.

I was also looking forward to the flop out of the car when I got home, because I live so far away by time I get home my body usually turns into gelatin and I feel like I am jiggling and dragging myself out of the car and into the house.  It didn't really happen like that this time, but I am still feeling it regardless.  It's going to be interesting waking up in the morning.  As the weeks go on I am sure I will have more to say about circus arts, but in the meantime here are some pictures for you all to enjoy! 
Reverse Angel

Back Star & crazy faces... you can tell we are having a great time.


My socks rock.  Admit it.
Oh and of course you can keep up with Wendy Wild by checking out her KTU web page here but the best way is to listen to KTU Monday through Friday 10am to 3pm.


  1. Apparently I managed to shut off the comment box... whoops.

  2. OMG, I loooove your blog! :) And I am hoping that an AllyCat/WW act is in the works. You rock. And so do your socks. <3 WW

  3. Thanks Wendy! Maybe, maybe... we have to get Feller or L-Fab to complete the triple. :o) You have some pretty sweet socks yourself you know.


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