Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do the Right Thing...

Sometimes a person has to fight themselves in order to do the right thing.

I had the opportunity between yesterday and today to neglect an overlooked situation.

Why might I do this?  It happens to involve a person I no longer associate with nor do I have any desire to do so.  What was the situation?  This person’s (along with a good friend) last day before starting a new job.

In the recent past when people leave on good terms and have been with us for years we have had small celebrations usually consisting of a cake and sometimes a small collection.  Rule is though if you leave and come back you don’t get another one if you leave again.  That would be silly.  Anyway, we have been overwhelmed with ironing out catering orders for next week.  While in a meeting discussing these orders, I made the decision to ask if we were indeed having a small celebration for both of these people.  In asking this it was clear no one had thought of it.

We made the decision to do so, except our bakery is closed for new orders until Tuesday.   The bakery we use is excellent but every year they close for the first two weeks of January for vacation to recoup from the holidays and in reality it’s the only time the owner or the staff really has a vacation.  However, they still are open to all wholesale account as long as the orders were placed prior to December 30th.  It turns in to a one woman show over there and she comes in, bakes, delivers and then goes home in the morning.  We can get a hold of the owner who can contact that is running the wholesale accounts but the man deserves to be left alone on vacation (and we already had to call him twice this week).  So calling our bakery was out of the question, the man needs his vacation.  However, we have an employee that happens to have a second job at a Stop’n’Shop bakery!  So we gave him a ring and everything worked out perfectly today.

Why did I go out of my way for this person?  Why wouldn’t I?  This person has been at the epicenter of loads of drama in my past.  Since I have distanced from her, my life has been running a lot smoother.  Due to the stress she has caused and knowing what would happen if the shoe were on the other foot I decided our issues needed to be put aside.  Regardless of how I feel about this person she has still been a vital part of our (dare I say) “team” and deserves to have a moment for people to say goodbye to her.

She has no idea I orchestrated this and I don’t mind her not knowing because this wasn’t about meThis was about doing the right thing for someone else.  This was being selfless and I could tell she really appreciated it.

Make no mistake, there was a HUGE part of me that really wanted to just let it stay forgotten, but that would not have been the RIGHT thing to do and that's not the kind of person I am.

I want, and I mean want, everyone to try to do the right thing when issues like this come up because it’s so easy to be a jerk and turn a blind eye.  This doesn’t just apply to this situation.  It applies to any situation. 

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done to you.

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