Monday, January 30, 2012

Flashback: Fuzzy Poet Memories

Have you ever forgotten something about yourself to have a long time acquaintance remind you of it?  This happened to me last week.

I was at work on break talking to an male art friend of mine about book publishing.  Not that I know much about it but in general how I assume shopping for a publishers is not so simple.  I have known this guy as a co-worker for probably ten years (something like that).  He says to me "haven't you had poetry published?"  I kind of looked at him curiously wondering if he had me confused with someone else or if I did.

I have been published as poet, a few times in High School.  I won a few awards as well.  My favorite being Adelphi's General Excellence in Poetry in 1998.  I was 17.  One of our English teachers who was known for being a tough teacher took an interest in my writing after I had submitted pieces to the Annual Literary Magazine.  I never had this teacher in school but she asked if I wanted to have some work submitted into a contest at Adelphi University.  At the poetry event they had several levels of awards.  As the event went on the level of award was higher.  One of the other students Crystal had won and award and we were close to the end of the event.  Three students (I believe) were picked for the final awards.  I was the very last one.  I had to get up and do a reading for the first time (the only time).  I am not a public person.  I don't like being on stage and I was worse in High School.  The certificate is on my wall.  I reframed it last year.

I was published in The National Library of Poetry's "A Quiet Place" and in their "A Shimmer on the Horizon."  I still own both books.  I can't remember but I think I had some in newspapers as well.

I was on The National Library of Poetry's site ( as a published poet, but it has been a long time and I am no longer coming up in their search.  Oh well, not to worry.

The work I had published makes me cringe to look at now because I was so young.  That said I won't post them.  However, I did publish a blog post back in August with some of my "newer" work.

Blog Post: An L-Fab Inspiration

I find it funny that I forgot about my own achievements, yet a co-worker reminded me of it.  I guess because I chalk it up as just a new paper or one of those books you spend money to purchase... but he said to me something along the lines of "being published is being published it doesn't matter where, you were still published.  A lot of people cannot say that."

Thank you Pete.

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