Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Very First Toy Show: Winter Fever Toy Show Review!

Today I went to the my very first toy show, specifically the Winter Fever Toy Show in Voorhees, NJ!

The show was held at The Mansion and upon walking into the swank catering hall I thought I was in the wrong place.  I saw signs for something Versace and the place was decked out with waiters.  I stood in the middle of the entrance way confused as to whether I was now crashing a wedding in very casual attire until I asked a man that was seated near me.  Who directed me to the elevators and told me I had the right place and that it was on the second floor.  This was not a staff member of The Mansion that helped me and plenty staff was around.  Shame on you Mansion.

Anyway, I got to the second floor and paid my $5 admission and immediately took a step back thinking it a very very tiny show.  I then realized I wrapped around two wings and into a small ballroom.

I have to say I felt very awkward at this show.  I am very happy I chose to not go in costume.  I would have been the only person in costume and I think it would have prevented me from doing the quick walk through that I did.  I already felt out of place being the only female there not working at a booth or with a child.

My main reason for going to the show was to not only see what it was like but also to look for vintage My Little Ponies.  I used to collect them years ago and they were lost among moving so many times.  I didn't want to restart back at the beginning until about a month ago when I purchased Doodles and Noodles on eBay.  So I have started again.

I found three sellers with ponies.  This was a first for me as I have never seen ponies at comic conventions regardless of the amount of vintage toys available at the shows.  This may change due to the popularity of the new ponies.  I was pretty excited to see a few sellers with them at this show.  The first two I saw only had two or three and in really bad shape.  They needed serious cleaning and new hair.  I have never rerooted hair and I don't plan on it.  The third vendor had two trays with a nice mix of ponies.  They were not in the best of shape, but priced well.  I wound up picking up Baby Cuddles (non BBE, YES) and the G1Y9 1990 Firefly.  I owned this one as a kid.  I would have bought more from her but I am focusing on baby ponies (minus Firefly, she was my favorite as a kid).  She had about six baby ponies and other then Cuddles they were in need of major repairs.  The two I bought need some sprucing up but it's nothing a good wash, spot soft scrub, brush and conditioner won't fix.

When picking up used ponies there are certain things to keep a look out for.  Hair being the biggest.  It's usually very obvious when the hair has been cut, but also to look for rough patches that feel fried (those can't been fixed or conditioned).  When it comes to dirt on the body check all painted areas.  As long as the painted areas are clean, you are good to go.  Soft scrub works wonders on pony bodies but it will easily and quickly remove painted areas.  So I consider those not cleanable.  A big portion of the baby ponies came with Beddy Bye Eyes (BBE).  I try to look for non BBE because the actual moving eyes tend to be rusted.  However, some are not so you have to take a look.  Also with rust, check the base of the tail for rust.  The tail is held together with a metal clip on the inside of the pony and if moisture has gotten in there it may rust.

So anyway, I picked up two fixer upper ponies.  I also picked up a mint on card Sydney Savage Danger Girl!  The corners of the card have seen better days but $15 for a MIC figure that is MIA is awesome!  She even comes complete with a beauty mark on her cleavage.  I already own the fish tank edition of Danger Girl figures and I think now I am going to have to seek out Abby, Natalia, and Major Maxim as individuals, but I am in NO RUSH.

The show itself was pretty cool.  It's interesting walking through and seeing things I grew up with and forgot about.  Those awful 5 cent metal rings that came out of the machines at the grocery store... McDonalds toys from the late 80's and early 90's...  DVD sellers... Matchbox cars... action figures of all sorts of types... vintage board games... a few comics... today's toys... Care Bears... Barbies... ponies... and a good portion of items were MIB or MIC.  This one seller had an amazing assortment of Hess Trucks all laid out across several shelves.  It's interesting when you think of how value changes.  Certain toys will always have an assumed future value at purchase like Barbies and Hess Trucks, but it's the smaller random items that I find the most interesting.  Who knew I would see a PLASTIC lunch box I had as a kid on sale at a toy show?  Or those silly metal rings for that matter?  I have certainly known people that buy items today in hopes they will have a future value, but you really can't predict future value of anything.  All that matters is how you value the item and just because you do it doesn't mean someone else does and vice versa.

I wish I had stayed a little longer and took photos.  I did go by myself and I can be on the shy side so taking photos of vendors setups is not something I would normally do.  However, the few I talked to were extremely friendly.  I nailed the last of the one sellers Danger Girl figures and the lady with the ponies happens to be a fellow collector.  She said she knows not many people sell ponies so she always grabs a few for the shows.  Yay!  She also told me they are having another show at the same place later in the year and working on having another one on Long Island!  I mentioned to her how I have never heard of an actual toy show because I had not seen them out in NY and she said last year they had one on Long Island for the first time and over 600 people showed up which I think is pretty darn good for a little toy show.  Think about it 600 people times $5 that's $3000 on admission alone and I highly doubt the hall cost that much for the amount of time they were there.

I am now looking forward to more toy shows!  It's an awesome feeling to actually find something like I did.  The Danger Girl was random because I was not looking for her at all.  Maybe next time around I will find Witchblade or Fathom toys... hrmmm.....

Ah, my one and ONLY gripe is that they need a sign in the lobby and one that is noticeable.  Otherwise, I had a great time and I will be back.  :o)

Baby Cuddles and Firefly... I might do a blog about their cleaning they are going to be getting.  I took quite a few pictures of their flaws.  :o)

SYDNEY SAVAGE!  Why didn't they make an Agent Zero figure?  Agent Zero is my hero.  <3

The back of Sydney's card.  You can see the small dents on the corners, but otherwise she is perfect!
Not bad for a gal who was packaged in 1999. The toy is 13 years old and the card is still WHITE!