Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quick Update!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update today.

Just need a touch more sewing
and some fabric glue
I am working somewhat diligently on these Supergirl boots and I think so far they are coming out amazing.  My big push is that I am not going to start Fluttershy until I finish these boots, so these babies should hopefully be done by Friday the latest.  Finger crossed.

I had a rough day today filled with stress and moodiness which I am blaming yet again on the Full Moon.  However, on my way back from the store I stopped at the Post Office and wound up picking up two packages.  I honestly did not think anything would be there since I had not received and shipping confirmations or any emails regarding any of my three orders.  So to my happy surprise my Fluttershy wings and ears arrived from Yaya Han's Store!  I absolutely LOVE them and it turned my day around completely.  I definitely made the right decision ordering from her and not attempting these on my own.

Also in my mail box was the much anticipated Cheerilee pony!  So now my little collection is complete minus what ever new waves come out but I can stay out of the toy section for a bit.  :o)  It's the little things, but I better get back to pinning and stitching... before the champagne really hits my head.

<3 Ally

PS: I am going to go post some more construction pictures in FB in a few moments.  Stay tuned.