Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random Awesome MLP Find!

While I was putting together the Bronies for Good post and looking for a MLP pic I stumbled on this!

Caution: This is not for you conservative types. ;o)

A custom pole dancing pony!

I know what you're thinking and keep in mind this Pole Star pony is not intended for children.  Real pole dancing is not about stripping.  It is an art form that should be embraced as a sport.  I am not kidding.  Go take a class or youtube Jenyne Butterfly or Natasha Wang.  In fact, check out Natasha Wang on The View teaching the women of The View to pole and discussing the idea of pole becoming an Olympic sport.

I think this pony is fabulous on all levels.  One thing is for sure that girl has some good form.

Jenny Bramble: For more pictures, information on how this diva pony was made and her other crafts, including but not limited to custom ponies.

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