Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Random Thought...

Sometimes I miss those days when life was harder to get through if only for the fact that I always had a pen in my hand with a book underneath it escaping into sketches and writing.  It's not so easy anymore with the distractions of the day and lack of patience.  I don't miss the sketching actually but I do miss the writing dearly.  Ho hum.

I am still thinking about that manners blog that I wrote and have not posted.  I think maybe I will go back to it at some point and milk it down and split it up into smaller blogs.  I am also thinking about writing something pertaining to eating disorders, but I haven't quite finished the rough.  I have a feeling that one is going to take me a bit to get organized.  It was a tough one to start, that's for sure.  Who knows I might scrap the idea only because it's a touchy subject for many people.

As much as I want to work on these and other things, this girl just left work sick.  I might be feeling loads better but I am definitely not there yet.  The great thing is I cleaned my apartment top to bottom yesterday.  I even set the humidifier up last night.  A dry apartment equals unhappy hair and skin.  Coming home and having things not scattered about was certainly a pick me up, but now I need to lay down and get some rest.  See you all soon!

And yes I am still working on the artist spotlight too... I have a great female artist in mind who just broke onto the scene.  I have to email her asap!

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