Sunday, January 22, 2012

They Just Can't Let It Go...

Generally when relationships end I go my own way and everything is fine and dandy, but I have this one problem with old boyfriends.

They don’t seem to move on!  Two in particular.  One which is a well known thorn by those close to me.  The other one just pops in once every year or two to ask me out to dinner.  Every time I turn him down.  I have this one rule with dead relationships.  Once they fail I never look back.  If it didn’t work then, it’s not going to work now.  I understand people grow up and change, but its just not something I do.  I do have to give this guy a little credit because even though we broke up TEN YEARS AGO he has never once forgotten my birthday.  Never.  I had to change my phone number and since then I haven’t heard from him until a few weeks ago when he “stumbled” onto my eBay account. 

Now I keep saying to certain people that if they have something to say to me email me or use the phone (if you have my number).  For obvious reasons these two do not have that information. 

But really, to start messaging me on eBay?  That’s not creative.  That’s creepy.  It’s been ten years and your so desperate to talk to me that you manage to find me on eBay?  Seriously?  If you’re that hung up there is no way you don’t have my email, use it.  Ugh.

I know this doesn’t happen to just me.  Often it feels like its just me.  Why do my old boyfriend’s come running back every year like clockwork?

Personally I think I treat the men in my life very well.  Too well.  They take it for granted and then when reality hits they come back.  Thing is I won’t take you back and I don’t think any girl should.

It’s just annoying me at the moment.  I am having a period of men popping in and out in good ways and bad ways and all I am trying to do is keep them all far enough away so I don’t feel smothered by the weight of requests for attention.

But don’t get me wrong.  I do have one or two old boyfriends that I am still friends with but it took a lot of time to reestablish those relationships and they were not ones that ended badly or were remotely serious.

So how do you handle this kind of situation?  Is this just a female thing or does this happen to men too?  I am curious.  And if you are that guy that keeps on trying , why?  I am interested to know.

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