Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Naps and Three Movies....

So I spent today mostly sleeping and letting my body recuperate from trapeze class.  I also watched the three movies my friends lent me that have been waiting for me with an ominous gaze from the table.  Here are my thoughts on all three.

Generation X
Definitely beyond dated, but very enjoyable.  Watching the fashions took me back to high school.  I don't understand why Emma Frost was English.  However, in my opinion Finola Hughes captured Emma much better then January Jones does in First Class.  Granted its two completely different sides to Emma.  I didn't like that Russel Tresh came across as a knock off evil Ace Ventura.  The X-Men aliases of the kids were not presented well or at all.  Skin and Jubilee (who is easily identifiable from the moment you see her) were really the only two characters referred to with an alias even though the other kids do have them.  Refrax, Buff, M, and well Mundo is just Mundo.  I enjoyed the lack of fancy special effects.  Over all, I liked it.

If you're on my facebook fan page you have probably heard me talk about how I have been wanting to see Elektra for quite some time now.  With Blockbuster out of business and this not being a popular title one might find at RedBox, I was hoping to pick it up at the store.  However, the only copy I could fine was the directors cut bluray and I was not about to drop the extra cash on a bluray I am not sure I will like.  I also kept saying I was going to check my library, but never made it there.  A work friend let me borrow his.  It's SO good to work with a few fellow geeks! XD

Anyway, I went into this movie with very low expectations due to a lot of people not liking it.  However, as I watched it I forgot about my expectations and decided to not judge the film piece by piece but just watch it, see where it goes, and decide later.  Drum roll please....

I liked it.  I actually liked it.  I am not going to say it's an amazing film.  I won't, because its not.  I certainly think that had I seen this in the theater with whatever media hype surrounded it at the time I would have been gravely disappointed.  I don't think Garner captured Elektra very well.  Not that it was bad but something was missing or maybe that's just because I picture Elektra much differently in my own head.  I squealed when I saw Will Yun Lee!  Who will never be a villain to me and I don't think he pulls it off in this movie.  Every time he appeared I only saw Witchblade's Danny Woo.  Kristen Prout was excellent.

I am curious as to whether or not the script was based on an actual book.  Because it does not resemble any that I have read, but I have not read all of her books.  Oh, one scene that annoyed me was when Elektra was in combat with Kirigi.  What is with the sheets?  The sheets were unnecessary and stupid.  They had a dramatic effect at the beginning of the scene but when they continued to float in the air they were just annoying.  I get that it was supposed to make the fight more difficult and distracting but I found it distracting as a viewer.  It's almost as though they had no idea how to create a fight sequence without smoke and shadow, just shots of facial frustration and a random kick or punch here and there.

American Psycho
This movie disturbed me.  I enjoy a good horror flick and psychological thriller, but this one just hit to close to home.  This is the kind of story that makes me want to become a hobbit, move across the country and live in a tree to never be seen again.  This kind of film makes me fear people in general, because people like this exist.  They do.  We all live in a world where we go on daily not thinking about the strangers we met and what they are capable of until something awful happens.  In 2009, a previous coworker and friend of mine was murdered in such a fashion.  I think that might have been my biggest problem with this movie.  It reminded me very clearly of what happened to Becky.  I remember when she went missing, not realizing that Rebecca Koster was Becky and my shock.  I knew her years ago, but I never knew her last name.  These were the days before facebook.  I won't go into her story.  I am sure if you google her name it will pop up, but the guy was caught and I am thankful for that.  Becky was a very sweet girl.  The kind of person that was always smiling, happy, and content even on a bad day.

Anyway, beyond the fact that the movie seriously disturbed me for personal reasons it's a excellent film.  I can't stand Christian Bale and I like him even less now as expected.  In fact, I am anticipating the new Batman film only so that I don't have to hear about Bale after it's been out of the theaters.  I always loved the Batman films but circumstances and hype surrounding The Dark Knight destroyed that enjoyment and Bale was just in addition to that.  The release of this movie will be the end of a painful part of my past.  I will go see the film and I bet I will enjoy it regardless.  Back to American Psycho, I was rather sad to see Jared Leto get knocked off so soon.  Such a good actor to waste so early.

Ugg... I can't even comment clearly on this movie because it's giving me the creeps.  I am going to be giving this back to my friend and tell him he is sick in the head for randomly loaning me this movie.  I am not actually angry with him though.  It's not like it was a premeditated move.  :o)

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