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Underworld Awakening Review: SPOILER ALERT!

Yesterday one of my lady friends posted on facebook about how badly she wanted to go see Underworld: Awakening but didn't want to drive in the snow and plans to go see the movie were born.

I was not sure if I had in fact seen the first two movies.  The fact that I knew there were two previous movies made me think I did see them.  I dated a guy for a few months that would randomly rent movies from the library and we would spend whole weekends just watching movies.  I could not remember if it was Underworld or Resident Evil or something completely different that I had watched with him.

Turns out it was both of the Underworld movies we had watched.  My friend gave me a recap before heading into the theater and the story was familiar, but my memory was missing quite a few pieces.

We wound up going to this really old theater that is very local to us but it run down in many ways.  I am surprised it's still open considering their lack of upgrades ever.  This theaters version of renovating is new seats.  They do not have 3D or Imax (neither are important to me).  They do not have stadium seating.  They do not have a decent sound system.  They even run on old school projectors and while the movie was playing you could hear the film running.  The sound of the projector made me smile.  I haven't heard that sound in so long that it was rather comforting.  They did get new seats at some point and they have the arms that lift up with cup holders but the seats are still pretty destroyed use to their over use and age.  I liked being there.  It brought back a lot of memories.  This has always been the inexpensive theater so in middle school and high school this was where we went.  It was also close and before the bigger theaters existed.  Last time I was in this place was to see Transformers 2 and then before that I don't remember.  I do remember seeing Mimic there for some reason.  My friend picked this theater because of location and available showtimes.  We also had a practically empty theater.  Probably due to the football game.  Thank you for that, I like quiet theaters.

So before Underworld started they showed trailers for Ghost Rider, The Avengers, and Resident Evil.  I have to say Ghost Rider looks enticing!  I kind of spaced out in the middle of The Avengers which could be because I have seen it quite a few times or because it didn't have the capacity to hold my attention.  It was a shorter trailer.  Resident Evil (and I have not seen the previous films) looks awful.  It was a short trailer as well but it did not sell the movie to me.

Spoiler Alert!  Spoilers below!

On to Underworld Awakening!  I really enjoyed the movie.  However, I felt that pieces of the story were taken right out of X-23: Innocence Lost. Eve being treated like a science project and being nurtured by Lida who attempts to stand up for the girl only to be killed.  Except in X-23's case she is triggered to kill her own mother the only person that showed her compassion.  Also how they use the cold to subdue the child is similar to how they use a trigger scent on X-23.

The movie is full of action, fighting sequences, acrobatics, blood, guns, blades, fire, all sorts of fun stuff, but a bit too much.  The actual "story" appeared to be this...

It's 12 years into the future and Selene is woken up and freed from her ice chamber by the daughter she did not know she had.  Selene thinks it's Micheal who freed her and comes to find out it is her offspring who she finds and helps.  Eve is then compromised by the vampires being the first hybrid child of vampire and lycan blood lines.  Eve is taken back to the lab to be experimented on and killed.  Selene, David, and Detective Sebastian go to the lab to save Eve and enviably kill all of the lycans to do this.  In the midst of this Selene finds Micheal and frees him but he escapes.  So the film ends on a cliff hanger with Selene, Eve, and David ready to go searching for Micheal.

There was a moment in the movie where Eve was injured and not healing so David takes Selene and Eve underground to see the doctor.  I think this was an awful transition.  They already had a shot of Selene drinking blood and healing so Eve drinking blood to heal is a no brainer which is what the doctor had her do.  Seems like they had a transition to fill and made up an excuse in the story.  Like how are we going to get from this scene above ground to below ground.  Why is David going to break the rules?  Need to think of something... how about something completely obvious?

The movie is good.  The ending was very blah though.  The film had so much constant action that it never really climaxed.  My friend said it the best, it was as though they spent the whole film looking for Eve, losing her, looking for her, losing her, looking for her, and now lets look for Micheal.  The story was weak yet interesting.  It had a few obvious twists like the lycans running the lab.

They did not do a good job of giving the characters names.  I had to check IMDB for character names other then Selene and that is quite annoying.  In fact, Eve seems to only be referred to as Subject 2, the girl or the child the entire film.  I was unaware she had a name.  I don't understand why none of the vampires or Selene asked what her name was or referred to her with a name.

It appears there will be at least another film on it's way.  So maybe once that film is connected it will make this film more relevant.  This film did appear to be leading to something, but on it's own it's weak but enjoyably so.

I have to say I really enjoyed the performance of the cast members.  Eve, India Eisley, is awesome especially when she turns.  Theo James, who plays David, was welcome eye candy.  From the moment he first appears on screen my brain went "well hello, who are you?"  Of course Kate was excellent as always.

Overall, I did enjoy the movie.  I just wish it had a better ending.  It just kept building and it didn't go anywhere.  I will have to wait to see the next film so see where the story goes and if I like it or not.  Ho-hum.

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  1. Good movie with full of action. Watching 3D would be a better option. Those who cannot understand fluent English should go for the dubbed Hindi version. Both Kate Beckinsale and the girl playing her daughter character have done excellent work with awesome action scenes which has scenes of blood sucking vampires and horrifying attacks by the lycans. .


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