Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catching up on some TV Shows...

On the fan page for about a month now I have been posting about all of the TV shows I have been catching up on lately. 

The biggest of them being The Big Bang Theory.  Generally if I have to go back several seasons I don't bother but TBBT is that good I had to watch the full four seasons.  I lent season one out to a good friend and when it returns I will comment on my favorites.

Last weekend, I watched my very first episode of Once Upon a Time which is not the kind of show one can jump into mid season, as I learned.  I was pretty lost.  Having an idea about the premise of the show I figured things out but I am definitely going to need to return to the beginning.

I also watched the new show Comic Book Men.  I am so so on this show.  I think Kevin Smith needs to allow conversation to happen because when they are all discussing topics he tends to talk over people, cut people off, and basically I didn't hear much conversation as no one else got much of a word in.  I do like the shows concept and how it is laid out.  It has a certain type of male geek talk that I miss hearing from male friends.  In a way its a comfortable show for me to watch.  Whether or not I continue watching it depends on whether Kevin can stop being such an overbearing presence.

On the same day I watched The Walking Dead for the first time.  I know I missed the first episode of the season and obviously a season before but it's not like the concept is so bizarre one cannot jump right in.  I had watched the very first episode at a friends home a few weeks ago.

I also discovered that Dr. Who IS in syndication on BBC.  I just happened to turn on BBC late one night and yup it is still playing.  I only caught one episode so far and I had asked a friend (a big Dr. Who fan) when it was on and they said not until the next season in the fall.  This person is either a liar or not the fan they claim to be, but I am pretty darn happy about it.

Currently, I am getting all caught up on Birds of Prey.  I just started the series last night.  I have already gotten through the first four episodes.  I am really enjoying it so far.  It's typical of comic book TV shows of the early 00's.  The style of the show reminds me of my beloved Witchblade.  I have never watched Smallville (nor do I plan to) so I can't use that show for comparison.  I keep seeing goofs.  For example in Episode Four: Three Birds and a Baby, Dr. Quinn states she has green eyes as the camera is right in her face and it's extremely obvious the actress has  light brown eyes, not green.  It's a silly mistake as the actress should have had color contacts. 

I also noticed in E3 the metahuman that mimics talents keeps pouring aspirin down his throat with nothing to drink nor does he ever appear to mimic swallowing.  Silly again, but it's something I picked up on.

I am not a fan of Ashely Scott so far.  She is okay but it's clear she is not the bad girl she is trying to portray.  I can't wait to watch more of the show and being that I am enjoying it so much so far I am guessing I am going to be sad when it's over. 

However, when it's over my next series on the list is both Firefly (thank you TBBT) and catching up on Once Upon a Time.

I am off to watch some more Birds of Prey and go to sleep.  My sleep has been very off and wacky lately.  Lets hope I get some good hours in tonight.