Monday, February 27, 2012

Cirque at the Oscars....

I don't like awards shows.  I used to watch music awards shows when I was younger, but I stopped after High School.  I did watch the Grammy's last year and I was surprised to see that it has become an excuse for a concert and not an awards show.  That said, I did not watch the Oscars tonight.

No interest.  Not my thing.

And then I started hearing the cheerful responses to the Cirque act that made me wish I had put it on.  I mean I tried watching Sunday night shows again but they were not on so I was watching Resident Evil on SyFy while dealing with eBay orders and tiding up the earthquake I caused throughout the apartment.  I moved furniture and in doing that everything got scattered because not everything was away before I started fussing.

However, a friend posted a link to video of the act and I really hate my stubbornness some days.  It was so good.  I think it was more enjoyable then the whole Zarkana show (and that was awesome).

Watching the act made me feel so honored to be learning circus arts.  They make it look so easy and fluid, but as a student I know it is not easy.  Even though I know none of those performers, I have found such a comradery among performers and students that it's like watching family members at their finest and you just want to jump up and down, applaud and cry out of happiness (or I do anyway).

Family is circus and every circus starts with a family.

Enjoy the show. :o)