Sunday, February 26, 2012

Craigs List and Dollar Stores

Today, I embarked on my first purchase off of Craigs list!  I have to admit meeting strangers to buy personal effects is a bit awkward and with the Gilgo beach murders still be unsolved, it's friggin scary out there!

Note: I have not been following the Gilgo beach case, but I had heard the victims were all call girls found on Craigs List ads.  Obviously, I am not a call girl, but you never know who you might meet.

However, I was buying a media shelf.  I have been to quite a few stores looking for something that would fit the image in my head.  All my furniture is light birch wood and everything I was seeing in stores were cherry, black, or metal.  No way was metal happening.  I really wanted to match my colors.

I was on Craigs List just stumbling around and entering random items I could use but do not need right this second.  The biggest of them being a sofa or a futon.  I really want a futon.  The idea is so that I can have company over and they can stay over at a moments notice.  I like that idea. 

I found the perfect (what I thought was little) media unit.  Turns out it has two sides, so again I have way more space then I need.  But I am excited about it, because it's the exact same birch color as all my furniture!

I have always loved light colored furniture.  I never had it as a kid.  It's part of my obsession with having well lit rooms and bright colors around me.  I really don't like living in shadowy areas.  They depress me and make me tired.

I had an old boyfriend that convinced me to switch to darker woods because he felt that light woods appeared cheap (think about that for a moment, it was hard for me to take in at the time).  As I was wandering around looking for a media shelf in stores with lower price points I found nothing but DARK WOODS.  Who is cheap now?  Ha!  =D

Anyway, I probably would not have been so gung ho about buying this shelf off of Craigs List had it not been a female selling it.  As I left my house I contemplated texting a friend the address just in case.  It was actually a small family, but if it were a man that responded I would have lots of doubts.  I did find a futon for a super awesome price but it has to be picked up by tomorrow and it's a man selling it.  So I have to see if I can find a man friend to come with me.  That is not a risk I am willing to take by myself.

While out in Nassau I decided to go dollar store hunting.  I only made it to two stores.  I tried for a third but it seems to no longer exist since the address appear to be a residence and not a store.  Though sometimes the addresses are off a bit in the nav.  A few weeks ago, I set my nav for a local Subway.  I wasn't home so I didn't know where a close one might be.  Susan (my nav) took me to a funeral home.  I thought "well this would be more appropriate if I was looking for Mc Donalds."  Regardless I kept driving down the road and Subway appeared.  It made me laugh though.

It's interesting going on dollar stores in Nassau as opposed to Suffolk.  Out where I live we have dollar stores but "high end" versions.  Although most dollar stores these days are not true dollar stores, the ones near me most definitely are not.  The ones out in Nassau are closer to a real dollar store.  I have been dollar store hunting for ankle spats with no luck so far.  I had this strange youthful feeling walking in these two stores like I was still 19 and in college.  It was a nice feeling to say the least and it brought back random memories.

I also took a quick trip to Target and while browsing there I started getting email alerts with eBay offers.  Exciting!  Yay!  And at this very moment some more are coming through.

I am off to figure out where I am going to put this handy dandy shelf and load er up. 

It's been a pretty good day.