Saturday, February 11, 2012

Forever Young Wigs

Guess who got new wigs in the mail?

I have been very skeptical about buying wigs online because of my experiences with the two I purchased at costume shops and did not like.  To be fair the second one that I wound up using for Supergirl is not really a bad wig, it's just huge and it has since had a hair cut.  It also was not the shade of blonde I was looking for or the style.  It was just available.

I have yet to find an actual wig shop anywhere near wear I live so I resorted to internet surfing and decided on this site called Vogue Wigs.  I like the styles of wigs, but what sold me was the customer reviews.  Not only do they have tons of reviews but customer photos.  That is a win right there.

My only gripes about this site is that two day shipping is really four to five days and that is misleading if you are on a time constraint.  I was supposed to be in Philly this weekend and needed the wigs to arrive by Thursday to bring them with me.  I placed the order Friday evening, after business hours okay.  So Monday I received and email saying the order was waiting to BE shipped in two to three days.  Tuesday they sent an email saying it had shipped and would arrive in two to three days.  It would up being three.  When I read two day shipping I don't account for a processing day.  Two day shipping to me in a rush order.  My trip this weekend was canceled anyway so it worked out but I know for the future.  My other gripe is that the shipping label displays all of my contact information.  I am highly fussy about giving out my phone number and I don't like it to be displayed on a shipping label.

I am really happy with the wigs.  I purchased three wigs blonde, brunette, and pink.  Check them out...

Style: Girls Night Out
Color: Candy Blonde

This picture is before I trimmed the bangs.  A decision I am not sure I am thrilled I made, but the bangs were much too long regardless.  The color is perfect.  Vogue wigs has this wonderful option where you can search by the wig brand's colors rather then flip through all of the styles searching for the right color.  I saw this shade of Candy Blonde as the model color for another style and knew it was the blonde I was looking for.  It's a mix of honey blonde and strawberry blonde so it's very blonde without being too yellow or white.  My previous blonde wigs were the standard costume blonde that is this awful pale ash blonde.  My skin tone doesn't mesh well with ash.  On a side note, I can't dye my hair ash colors because I have red undertones and it could turn my hair green!  Eek!

Style: Runway Fashion
Color: Cappuccino

I picked this one up for both Elektra and X-23.  I do not think it is going to work for X-23.  I am not sure I really like it for Elektra either.  The wig is not the problem.  It's the color I picked.  It's a medium and dark chestnut mix.  I think I can pull it off with Elektra because the cap brightens it up, but otherwise the color doesn't work with my skin tone at all.  I have a hard time with dark hair colors.  I tried going dark red once.  I also went almost black once.  Both made me look sickly.  I am going to try picking up another brunette wig by this company but in a lighter brown.  I thought the mix of the medium and dark would work for me, but it doesn't.  My X-23 just might have to deal with not having jet black hair because I can not pull it off.  I am also not crazy about the shag style of this wig.  I don't think it suits my face shape well.  This is my own fault because Vogue Wigs also matches face shapes with wig styles.

Style: Noctural
Color: Pink

I was not planning on picking up Fluttershy's wig just yet, but when I was looking at Forever Young's color choices I had to check out the pink options.  I wasn't sure about this one when I purchased it.  I do not have the high round forehead to pull off a wig without bangs.  In the stock photos this wig looks more open in the forehead, but when I put it on the part falls at the perfect spot to hide the area where my hairline shows.  I keep harping on wigs with bangs because I have a not low but medium forehead height that is narrow, because it's narrow the sides of my hair line will show unless I pull the wig down really low and that is just not going to look right.  You can't tell in the picture but this wig is HOT PINK.  Way brighter then I expected.  My camera doesn't pick up vivid colors very well.  So the pic is a very muted version of what the wig color actually looks like.  I love this wig though.  Absolutely love it.  I would pick up more in different colors but it's not available in a wide variety and most are flat colors like black, white, bright red, pink, etc.  This one does not come in blue for some reason and I think it should.  I love this wig so much I almost wore it out last night.

Overall, I am very happy with my new wigs.  I just have to find a better brunette color.  I might even pick up Forever Young's color ring so I can physically see the colors.  I am also thinking about getting a short blonde wig for the Abby Chase cosplay I keep thinking about.

Fluttershy wig in black and white.  That is totally the Muppet shirt I bought Thursday evening.


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