Tuesday, February 28, 2012

IT Stays Body Adhesive!

Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, here is my new about to be "it" product (about to be because it's not in my hands just yet)...

IT Stays Body Adhesive!

I had heard forever ago about something referred to as "butt glue" for models, swimmers, and gymnasts to keep those bottoms properly secured on their tushes and now it looks like I have found it and loads of uses for it as well!  I see this as being cosplay GOLD.  This particular product is not for swimmers or anywhere one might get wet because it washes off with water.  From the reviews I am reading it also is no good if you work up a sweat, which makes sense.

It can be used for holding thigh highs up (oh rejoice because I can't stand walking around in garters all day), gauze bandages, wigs (I am guessing a little dab at the hair line), shoulder straps, light theatrical makeup, slippery bra straps, tube tops, tops of arm warmers, tops of gloves/glovelets, leg warmers, strapy shirts, the bottoms of shirts, I can think of so much more...

I am thinking this will be amazing for my Supergirl.  The top tends to pop up so I had to pin it to my bra at NYCC with this product I might be able to stick the front down and have it stay where I want it to.  The skirt is also just low enough to show half of my tattoo so maybe I can stick it up a little higher in the front and let the spandex do some work.  I bought tattoo coverup makeup, but because it covers half of the tattoo I am afraid of ruining the skirt with the makeup if it rubs off.

I am concerned about the water issue.  Living on a island we have damp weather here.  One of my big problems with fashion tape is that sometimes it doesn't stick to my skin because the weather is too humid.  I think at $2 to $7 a pop this product is certainly worth a shot.  However, do NOT buy it on eBay.  The one seller is selling the same $7.50 2oz bottle from Amazon for $14 plus shipping... it pays to take a look around or let me do it for you.  I like researching.  ;o)

Seriously, give me something to find and I will find it.  It might not be ideal, but I will find it.

Amazon: IT Stays Body Adhesive

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  1. I completely forgot to mention how this looks perfect for performers... such as circus performers... :o) I believe its used by dancers as well... you always wondered how the DWTS ladies keep those wild dresses to stay put.


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