Saturday, February 4, 2012

Madonna: Give Me All Your Luv

While driving to and from Brooklyn yesterday and forgetting my iPod yet again.  I got to listen to Madonna's new single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" over and over and over.

With Madonna having a new album on the way and her Superbowl performance tomorrow, this is an excellent time for her to make a come back.  She has an amazing opportunity right now to either put on an amazing show or wow us by reinventing herself.

The song "Give Me All Your Luvin'" is catchy but awful.  The first thing that drove me nuts was the "L U V Madonna!  Y O U you wanna!"  The lack of spelling skills these days are definitely not being helped by the music of today.  It doesn't bother me so much when it's a young pop star but the older generation should be setting the stage for the younger pop stars to musically and lyrically mature.

This song doesn't sound like a Madonna song.  Madonna to me has always been an innovator in music.  So why is she singing something that sounds like a 10 year old wrote it?  To make it worse one of the six radio stations I listen to was playing a mega mix from the new album and again it's insanely catchy but it's not dare I say age appropriate?

Since 1983 Madonna has only released 12 studio albums.  That's an album every two to three years.  Of her three most recent albums two of them are considered failures.  The one success doesn't even come close to the sales she had with albums before these three.  Madonnas album sales are anywhere from three million to ten million copies in the US alone up until Music in 2000 and after that Confessions on a Dance Floor catched just under two million, where American Life and Hard Candy only fetched just over one million combined.  I think a big part of this drop is the switch from CD's to digital music.

It's not that she has not had success with individual songs in recent years but as a whole with limited releases her popularity has slipped.

I do like Madonna.  But I don't like this song for her or what I am hearing from this album.  Every time I hear "Give Me All Your Luv" I think Selena Gomez or an even younger pop star should be singing it.  It's just not a Madonna song to me at all.  I think if I was a huge Madonna fan I would be very upset by this album, but I am just confused.

The video makes the song more enjoyable but I can't help but the wardrobe choices make me think I am in a time warp.  She is dressed as though this is the video for "Like a Virgin" except pantless in one outfit.  It's as if she is over being an innovator and decided to go retro with a Gaga twist.  This didn't work out so well for Aguilera so I don't know.  Her hair looks amazing though.  I really like when she crowd surfs and walks along the wall.  I find the video more enjoyable then the song.

That said, I will probably wind up purchasing this album, not because its amazing but because it's catchy and its sounding like it could be a good album to turn on when I am cleaning or even sewing.

But I am not sure I am excited to see her at the Superbowl now. Thanks to Janet and Justin we have been getting "safe" artists during the halftime show. When did Madonna become safe? That bothers me, she just might have lost her edge. :/

What do you think?

By the way, writing luvin' is killing me. I keep trying to write loving or lovin'. Ugg!