Monday, February 27, 2012

Mirgraine oh Migraine Fly Away Home...

“You keep me seeing rainbows in the sky, you bring new meaning to my life, now I believe in miracles, baby I am forever yours…”
~ Mariah Carey | Yours ~

That is exactly how I feel about this migraine I am having…

The kicker to having migraines right now is that I can not take aspirin.  One of the side effects of Epstein Barr is headaches.  When I first came down with EBV, I was having awful steady headaches (that I thought were migraines) and I was taking my typical Excedrin for Migraines.  Normally this nixes my headaches immediately.  The aspirin and caffeine destroys migraines for me like nobody’s business.  At the time, it was not working at all.  Turns out it was because of the EBV.  Also when one has EBV one is not supposed to take aspirin and since I still have EBV I can’t take my migraine med.  Sadness.

On and off today I have been experiencing aura which is strange senses that is like being drugged and nauseous.  Weird flickers of light, seeing color bounce of the edges of surfaces, hearing things as though I am in a tunnel and feel slightly out of my body yet not.  To be honest, I am shocked I haven’t seen a mini unicorn run across my desk.

It’s so weird how migraines hit me.  No two are ever the same (not yet anyway), so I don’t recognize the signs when they pop up.  But yesterday the signs were all there.

Yesterday morning I had wicked scalp pain.  Just before I cut my hair off I was having this and it was also at the beginning of EBV and when I was having all those headaches, but since chopping my locks I haven’t had a problem, until yesterday.  It literally feels like some one is ripping your hair out or how the skin throbs after a Band-Aid has been tugged off too quick except the throbbing doesn’t stop.  It went on all day yesterday.  I was walking around in stores rubbing my head like it was going to give me luck.

I was clearly off while driving and unsure as to why since I had slept and I ate quite a bit.  Yet I made a few errors in judgment driving, nothing crazy, but for example I was in a residential area making a left turn at a stop sign and failed to see the car headed my way to my left but he was far enough away to see me and stop.  I had looked but not really looked and the sudden appearance of the car made me jump in my seat.

Yesterday evening after I moved all my furniture around and feeling the affects I wanted to take a percocet but I was crazy nauseous for no reason.  I have percocets left over from a root canal I had two years ago.  I save them in case I need them.  This is mostly for tooth pain because before the root canal the pain was so bad I burst into tears once I made it to the dentist.  It had been that bad.  I had not been able to sleep.  I had to cancel my fly class.  Being unable to afford a emergency dental care (because it's insane) I had to wait until the office opened at 8am and I was there at 8am on the DOT.  I had dealt with the pain fairly well up until that point by swishing cold water in my mouth but once I got into the office that stopped working.  I can't even explain how unbearable the pain was.  My amazing dentist was not able to determine which tooth was causing the fuss because my x-rays showed nothing wrong and he was unable to perform the tests because I couldn't bare anything touching my teeth.  So he sent me home with pain killers and told me to come back when the pain subsided some, which eventually it did.  Turns out even without any cavity one of my nerves decayed.  I went twice to the same office as an emergency walk in and it did happen once before, because of this I never ever get upset when I have to sit in the dentists waiting room because an emergency comes in.  It sucks, but I have been that person.  Anyway, I am pretty funny about taking pain killers and even with the root canal as long as the pain was tolerable I didn’t take them, hence having left over.  They have a tendency to make me very nauseous so being that I was already nauseous I decided to not go there.

When I actually had lain down to bed I started to feel a head ache but thought nothing off it.  I still was not connecting the pieces. I read Dead @ 17 and went to sleep.  I woke up this morning completely off my rocker.  It’s like being drunk but not the fun kind of drunk.  It’s the kind where you just want to crawl on the floor and render yourself incapable of existing.  I made it into work and certain voices and lights just sent a shock of pain into my head like an eager lightening bolt.  I was also seeing objects and people as though they were glowing or behind a haze/fog.  It’s strange, like seeing more and less at the same time.  Colors are clearer and louder but everything is out of focus.

I had said on the fan page that it’s like seeing through parrots eyes.  Parrots see more color then humans.  They can see ultraviolet color and I imagine it’s similar to the glowing aura.  I would love to see the world through parrots’ eyes but without the headache and disorientation.  Can you imagine what a beautiful world they see?

The two things I should have gone to school for Toy Marketing (which I sort of did) and Color Theory.  I truly love color.  The color spectrum, the science behind color, how color affects us psychologically, the use of color in marketing and products, Munsell color coding, I find it extremely interesting.  I took a class in my senior year at FIT and I really wish I had taken it sooner.  It was torture putting the HVC cards together but so interesting.

On a side note, where birds see more color then humans (ultraviolet), dogs see muted color.  Contrary to popular belief dogs do see color but they can’t distinguish between light green and dark green, it’s just green to them.

Let’s hope my disoriented day goes by fast.  I am so ready to curl up in bed with more Dead @ 17.  I am so enjoying it so far.  It's definitely not a mind blowing story but it’s fun and quirky, about occults, zombies, horoscopes, demons, and all things I find fun to read about.

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