Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick X-23 Update & Car Prob Again...

As Blanche DuBois says "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."

Oh the crazy experiences my car gets me into...

Yesterday, I blew some money out at an outlet center.  I had some left over cash from my tax return, but I didn't do too much damage thankfully.  One of my purchases was FINALLY the right longline bra.  Thing is I say that and if you search that term a bunch of corset type shape wear pops up and that's not what I am talking about I am talking about this.  It's exactly X-23's top, it just needs some spandex covering it with the proper seams.  Anyway, I found what I was looking for in Charlotte Russe of all places.  The last place I would ever think to look.  They didn't have my size so I went a size lower and band size bigger, but (because I am smart) after trying two on I bought the one that didn't fit.  Go figure.  The one I bought also did not have a tag on it.

When I got home and realized this I nearly smacked my head on a wall.  So after work today I drove back out to see if I could exchange it even with the missing tag (and hope they had not sold the one that does fit).  Guess what?  They let me exchange it and they had the size that fit!  Yay!  On my way back I stopped at TJ Maxx to check out some super tight athletic pants.  I did buy a pair of stretch pleather pants for X-23 already, but I keep thinking maybe athletic pants might be better and serve a dual purpose since I can wear them to trapeze.  I didn't like any of the black pants.  They either fit funny, had color blocks, or loads of random logos.  (I don't like logos and X's pants should not have logos). 

Leaving the store my ever amazing car refused to start.  I did my normal smack the terminals a million times.  Nothing.  Got the battery jump out.  Nothing.  With the battery pack on it turning the ignition just sounded like a toy gun.  Click click click click click....  Called the service center and she said it sounds like a dead battery and to try getting it jumped.  Not happening in the area I was in.  No sir.  After I burst into tears and sat there panicking as to what to do, I finally stepped outside the car and took a look around the area for a auto store.  Aid Auto happened to be adjacent to where I was stuck.  So I walked there in a fairly crappy neighborhood in the dark and cold.  Thankfully the nicer part.

However, Aid Auto didn't not have my battery in stock.  So the man called Auto Zone, which according to him is really close by (it's not), and they had one left that they put aside for me.  How much would it have sucked if I had walked there to find they just sold the last one?  So my Aunt called me and I chatted with her on my freezing cold walk down to Auto Zone which was definitely NOT CLOSE.  I got there and I had just enough money left over to buy the battery, well with a discount that the manager gave me.  A teenage girl who's shift was ending offered to drive me back and try to help me change the battery in the car.

She drove me back and I did my best to change the battery on my own.  I would have succeeded if the nuts on the bracket were not rusted shut.  I did get the battery disconnected, but I couldn't get the bracket off.  She called some friends who were all working and then called her dad who was kind enough to come out and finish the job I couldn't get done.  He got it off in just a few minutes.  Go figure.  Elbow grease and the right tools.  He scrubbed my terminals with my wire brush that I keep in the car (where else will I need that) and told me I need to get them seriously cleaned or have them replaced.

I was so happy this girl helped me.  She didn't have to but she did because she is one of the few kind people left in this world.  I was happy to not be alone in the parking lot as creep bait trying to change this battery and super thankful for her dad helping.  I even gave him a hug.  I couldn't help myself.

It's great to know that sometimes in rare moments you can still count on kind strangers.  She even went back to Auto Zone with me to return the battery and carried it.  Batteries are frigging heavy.  Guess who is definitely signing up for AAA next month?  Me me me.

I was super upset this happened but had I not driven back to the outlets and stopped there, it would have happened somewhere else.  Like in the morning before work where I would have been completely stuck because there is nothing out here with in walking distance and I would not have had someone to help me out.  Or it could have happened later at night when auto stores are closed.  So it sucks and I am totally broke until I get paid which thankfully is very soon, but I am happy it happened.  It had to happen tonight and a part of me believes it happened tonight because someone up there made it happen knowing now was the best time.

Everything happens for a reason you just have to look for it.

On a cosplay note, X-23 is starting to come together.  I got the circle belt in the mail.  I am not sure the circles are big enough as I do not have the buckle yet (or the claws).  Logan had said 4-6 weeks which would be about now, but I told him I was good until the end of March so no rush on them.  I have had the shoes.  The pants need the waist band altered.  I have the top which needs to be painted and then covered.  It's not black and I don't want the color showing through the spandex.  I have to make the choker which is easy with spandex and I think I am going to use craft foam for the pendant.  I also picked up some funky arm warmers for her, though I am not sure I totally like them yet.  The green contacts even shipped.  It's falling together nicely and this coming weekend I will be sewing for three days while everyone is at Megacon.