Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: Honey Color Contacts

If you remember a few weeks ago I ordered my very first pairs of color contacts from Honey Color.  I went with Honey Color because they are used by Michelle Phan often and come in prescription strengths!

Costume/theater contacts in prescription strength... oh rejoice!

The two I ordered finally arrived in the mail today!  They took a little over two weeks to get to me because they came from overseas.  They also come in little glass vials wrapped in a little foam and a bubble mailer.  I was shocked they did not break, nor did the package appear roughed up in anyway.  Honey Color also sends a free animal lens case with each contact purchase.

Of course I really wanted to try them on, but a part of me wanted to wait.  The contacts are yearly contacts and I tend to hate wearing my contacts after the first use so I didn't want to spoil the contacts to early.

However, when I was getting ready for a party this evening I put my regular contacts in and they were very uncomfortable (as they have been for awhile).  They were also blurry.  I need to have my eyes checked again.  The last time I went my vision was not corrected and the doctor left me with the thought that I might be going blind.  Not happy about that.

Legally blind if actually defined by vision not being able to be corrected via glasses or contacts regardless of script.  He was unable to correct one of my eyes and I am noticing I am seeing very blurry lately.  Not good, but I am going to be seeking a second opinion soon.  I had also talked to this doctor about the discomfort I was having with contacts and he refused to accept that it could be anything other then the contacts not being cleaned properly.  Turns out a piece of the problem was my mascara.  He did tell me to stick with water based eye makeup.  The Maybeline mascara I was using at the time and had been using for years with no problem was water based.  When not wearing mascara I had less problems.  I went on a research binge and came up with Rimmel Super Lash.  It had excellent reviews from lots of itchy contact wearers.  I tried it out and I will never ever go back.  Each tube costs about $2 or less and it's a really wet mascara so it layers well.  This is one more reason I will not be returning to that doctor.  He was also mean and demeaning in the office.  Jerk.

So I put my regular Acuvue's in and usually one eye is clear and the other is fuzzy.  This time is was both and they felt weird.  So I thought "what the hay" time to test the Honey Color contacts!

The first thing I noticed is that the contact itself it a tad thicker.  This worried me a little, oh no are these going to be more uncomfortable????? 

Turns out, after wearing them all evening, they are insanely COMFORTABLE.  I love them. 

I tried out the green contacts (Beaucon Virbrant Match Green).  I picked this green because I have hazel eyes.  My natural eye color is a brown, yellow, and mossy green, but most of the time they look like a yellowy brown.  Being my first color contact purchase I wanted to make sure they would appear colorful on top of my natural color.  Boy do they look colorful, but I like it and its what I was looking for. 

Can't miss the green... and my light brown is peaking through in the middle

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