Sunday, February 26, 2012

Storage, eBay, art evolution...

Today, I started moving in to my new storage unit.  I rented the smallest unit available and I am sure it is still going to be much too big for me.  A few times a year I move things around in my apartment to make it less cluttered and more homey.  However, this is hard to accomplish with absolutely no storage space.

I live in a one bedroom apartment right now.  My living room is pretty big so this place has been operating as a studio since I moved in and I have been using the bedroom as a massive closet, sewing room, craft room, comic book area, and storage space.  I am ready to change things up and actually use the bedroom to sleep in.  I think it might help my sleeping habits and I want to live differently.

The majority of the items I placed in there are holiday decorations.  This means I finally took mine decor down.  I kind of forgot I had a mini tree on the table.  Whoops.  There are more things that will eventually be put in there but I am going through and trying to figure out what I need available and what I don't.

While I was pulling out boxes and going through items to put in storage I came across my comics.  I have three boxes in the corner of my room.  I then realized I had three more in a closet and another on the other side of the room.  What am I going to do with all these?  Storage?  Yes, I know five to six boxes is absolutely nothing compared to other readers.  I have a girlfriend who's home has been taken over by boxes and if you love it that much then that's great but I like my hobbies to be more contained.

The thought of locking them up in storage just doesn't make sense to me.  It would be one thing if I was an avid collector, but I am not.  I know I will not be reading any of these any time soon and I can bare storing anything that does not have a future purpose for me.  So I decided to start putting them on eBay.

If you have been on my fan page you know I have already started posting books which is proving to be ridiculously time consuming.  As I type I am sitting in a little hole I have created surrounded by boxes and my scanner.  It's a pretty messy occasion over here.  So far I have almost two boxes scanned and a little over two more to go before I look at my keeper stack and see if I wind up milking it down even more.

As I am scanning and taking a good look at the cover art from my books the one thing I am noticing between my keepers, non keepers, and current issues I do not own is the drastic change in art.  For the last year or so I have stopped purchasing books with my favorite artists on the cover because they haven't been perking my interest and I just now realized why going through the books.

I am all for sexy ladies.  All for it.  As a female, I actually find it rather empowering.  What I am now noticing is that these ladies are no longer sexy, but trashy.  I am talking mostly about newer variant issues and not ones I own.  I certainly own quite a few that look like they were taken from a Victoria's Secret catalog, but what I am seeing today and finding unappealing are covers that look like they belong in Huster or Penthouse.  Note: I don't have a problem with those kinds of magazines but I do find those two trashy.  Notice Playboy was not in that sentence. 

Sexy art to me is implied.  It's the implication that makes it alluring, attractive, and me proud be a female.  I own a few issues that are very saucy (by one artist in-particular) and, as jaw dropping as they are, they are creative not the trashy pieces of work I am seeing today.  I have watched artists I know and love make a transition to the trashy side and its making me rather sad, because it's actually deterred me from picking up books.  I know sex sells.  It does.  There is absolutely no question about it, but I think it sells a lot better when it's not all out in the open.

Think about a book as a woman.  I am being serious.  If your out in a bar and you spot a woman wearing next to nothing except for hair products and makeup that woman comes across as trying way to hard for attention.  She also leaves nothing to the imagination because she is exposed and doesn't have a good cover.  You might want to take her home, but you definitely don't want to own her.  That same woman will wonder why she doesn't attract the right kind of attention.  She isn't selling herself, she is only selling her lack of a cover.

I guess these books are selling well though, because they keep coming out.  They have definitely alienated me though.

Anyway, it's pretty hard to part with a lot of these books.  Quite a few of them I plan on picking up in trade.  I know six months ago I kept saying how I was cutting back on my comic purchases and then I got sick and never made it back to the store.  My comic shop is not close by at all.  It takes me about an hour to get there, each way.  So being that it has been so long, I am going to start reading all my stories in trade which is so much easier for me to manage.

It's weird putting things in storage when I technically do not have too.  I could live in clutter, but I don't want too.  It's also strange having space in my apartment.

I have also been thinking about how I change and how the space in my life changes and even though I change I never lose those earlier fragments of myself.  Kind of like a closet where it keeps getting filled with hobbies but they keep changing.  I have this stand alone wardrobe that I had to have in my previous apartment because my room did not have a closet.  Since moving, it became my "dress" closet and now it's my cosplay closet.

How do your hobbies change?  Do you see the spaces in your life changing?  What do you think about the artwork issue I mentioned?

No I will NOT mention names of creators.  I respect them too much.

Oh... tomorrow, I am picking up a sweet media shelf I found on craigs list.  I am ridiculously thrilled its a woman selling it and that I will have somewhere to put this mounting pile of DVD's and Blurays.

oh right if you want to see what I posted here is my ebay account... AllyCat444