Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl 2012

I don't watch football.  Its not my sport.  To be fair I have never given it a real shot.  I don't hate it, but I have no opinion on it.

However, even with that said I am a Jets fan.  There is no defined reason as to why and I think for the most part the reasons we pick the teams we do is silly.  Most of the time fandom is passed down through the family or acquired by region.  And there is nothing wrong with that.

For reasons I won't disclose I do not root for the Giants, it's a bad association thing.  (I did look through my clothes for some Cobolt Blue, but found none.)  Being that I am originally from Maine I wanted to root for the Patriots, but I realized that I would be acting like the kind of sports fan that annoys me.  Like Mets fans when the Yankees are playing well, they would rather see the home team fail, I don't like that and I am not part of that crowd.  So I just stayed neutral since football really is not important to me.  Yes, I am a Yankees fan.  I enjoy the Dodgers and the Phillies as well.

I spent Superbowl with my friends from trapeze, just like last year.  This year was more fun, because everyone was actually watching the game.  I lost the pool as usual.

But during the half time we all stopped everything to rip into Madonna.  Of course the show is lip synced.  It was very obviously lip synced.  I am questioning if this is a censorship rule or not?

Her show was okay but it did not showcase her as a performer.  The stage was amazing.  She did some AWESOME acro moves on stairs and in heels!  Wow.  There was also a guy performing on what my friends called a slap string, or I think that's what is was called.  It pays to hang out with acrobats and performers, they know this stuff.

When "Give Me All Your Luvin'" came on its seemed to be that no one likes the song and everyone had a similar opinion to mine saying the song was much too immature for Madonna.  One of the girls said the song and the showcase of the song looked like it belonged in High School musical.  You know what?  She is right.  We sat there questioning just what market she is trying to appeal to and why.

Why Madonna?  Why?  I want you to do something outstanding not THIS!  Ugh.

I wish Lady Gaga had performed, but I bet she is much too risky for censors.  You never know what that girl will wind up doing or wearing.  At least she is entertaining and she doesn't need an arsenal of dancers and fancy stage lighting to prove that.  Maybe one day.

I didn't see many of the commercials.  I still do not understand why Go Daddy exists and every single time I am at a Superbowl party everyone in the room asks "what is Go Daddy?"  It's a search engine as far as I know, but their ads do not give that impression.  Even the men in the room did not know what Go Daddy is.

I caught the trailer for Battleship and no way am I planning on going to see that movie, not in theaters anyway.  A movie based off of a board game?  Really?  What is the plot?  To sink the ships?  It could be excellent, but that's not enough for me to run to the theaters.

I also caught one of the ads for The Voice.  My girlfriend enjoyed it for the entertainment value.  I on the other hand did not.  It was a cute ad, but it had absolutely NOTHING to do with The Voice.  How are these ad agency's selling their product when the commercial has nothing to do with the product?  Nothing at all.

Of course the best thing about the Superbowl is never the game, it's never the commercials, it's never the food and snacks (although we had some amazing cranberry meatballs and pulled pork... zomg).  It's spending time with friends.  Of all the get togethers this group has I think Superbowl has to be my favorite.  I am not sure why, but it's just the best with Memorial Day being the runner up.

Well because I am not a sore loser.  Congratulations to the New York Giants!