Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines Day Aerial Benefit Show

Last night I went to a Valentine's Day Aerial Benefit Show "Some Kind of Wonderful" in Brooklyn.  This is the fourth time I have been to a show at this establishment.  My first show was their Halloween show in 2010.  I also went to last years Valentine's Day show and this past winters Holiday show.  Of them, I thought Halloween could never be beat, but last nights show was absolutely wonderful.

Everything went smoothly.  All the performers were perfect and if they had hiccups other then a technical difficulty I didn't notice.  I also went to the adults only show as usual.  This past Holiday show was the first family friendly show I had seen and that had to do with timing, otherwise I stick to the adult shows.  They really are not that much different.  The inclusion of a pole dance routine and different costumes for the most part.

Watching this show was more fun because I have been taking classes regularly again and I have been seeing a lot of the performers work out routines for this show.  That and seeing faces that I am starting to get to know a lot better.

The performers really pulled it out though.  I usually do not like watching silks.  I just don't.  But the three acts that were on silks I loved for a change and no one got caught in the fabric.  They even had two corde acts and I love watching corde.  Its not something I ever want to learn but I love to watch it.

I took a lot of video.  Unfortunately, I can't share them all because some performers do not want their work to be viewed.  I was excited to share one act in-particular and I was pretty disappointed about being asked not to.  When I post video or blog I think of it as a promotional tool for the performers and the show itself but when I thought about it I realized it probably has a lot more to do with the reasons I have for not sharing where I train.  So of the eight videos only two are public, two are private, and the rest are unlisted.  I am hoping I can imbed the unlisted ones, but we will see.

First up the amazing Andrea G of Scandalize Designs on Lyra. Yes she makes her own costumes.  She made my Supergirl costume and has recently started cosplaying.

Static Trapeze

This is Denise on Spanish Web. I have seen her perform at all of four of the shows I have been at and this is by far my favorite of her performances.

This duo, who's names I have forgotten, are ridiculously entertaining.

This is Paul on Corde and this is exactly the kind of male Corde act I have been wanting to see. I think the Anime crowd will highly enjoy his choice of music. I recognize the song but I can't pin point what it is. Anyone care to help me?

And finally, there is this amazing lady, who's name I also do not remember, but she is amazing on Corde as well. I think of Corde as being a masculine act (or that's how I see it anyway) but I love seeing women perform it the way she did.  I especially love the ending where it looks like she is floating.