Sunday, March 25, 2012

Body Types

So I have more then mentioned my own body issues before and I was just looking at some random website called skinny vs curvy.  In one of the posts they mentioned the apple body type.

I have never heard of the apple body type.  From what I knew there are three body types: hourglass, straight, and pear.  That was it.  I know for a fact I don't fit into those body types so I have referred to myself as an upside down pear for a bit.  After looking online most sites agree that there are four: apple, hourglass, straight, and pear.

I went to the site for a better description.  By their descriptions there is absolutely no question that I am an Apple.  I didn't think I existed!  Yay!

Finding this out makes me very happy.  I know its really silly, but it does the trick.  :o)

Ladies... go take a look for yourselves they have some excellent sections in there about not only body types, but also clothing tricks, coloring, jewelry and face types as well!  I am a cross between a diamond and a round.  Have fun!

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