Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boot Shopping and Sales People

I went out boot hunting today!

Sounds like super fun for a girl right??????  ehhh... I guess it depends.  Shopping can be a lot of fun and often it is a wonderful de-stresser for me, but more window shopping.  Often I am not actually shopping but wandering around looking at things.  Shopping for specific things tend to stress me out.  Usually when I am looking for something I can not find it.  Today was no exception.

I am a buyer in my work life (among other tasks) and I deal with lots of sales people.  I do not like sales people.  I don't like manipulative people and the majority of sales people are and the ones that are not are less successful.  This is why I did not stay in advertising or fashion merchandizing because I would have started in sales and that's not the place for me.  I ran into one of my sales reps in a 7eleven a few years ago (when I was not working) and I kid you not he tried to pitch me products.  The same guy likes to use emotional ploys like talk about his families failing heath or try to be buddies.  Highly unprofessional.  I have another sales rep that likes to call me sweet heart, doll, every holiday bombards me with very religious messages (every time I ask him not too), and during the elections sends out nominee chain hate mail.  Wow, right?  I don't mind the sweet talk from "friends" but not a sales person, it puts me on edge and fast.  I have another guy that is super lazy.  He has the attitude that he has our account and we are stuck with him so he doesn't need to do anything.  Each time I ask for information he doesn't give me any answers.  Oddly enough these are all male sales reps.  Our two female sales reps are great and when I ask a question they get back to me immediately with an answer.  The one lady was with us with another company and I couldn't stand her, but now I love her.  She is absolutely awesome.  I am not trying to go with a male female thing here it just happens to be that way, but you can see I am pretty fiesty with sales people.

So today, on my boot search, being a Wednesday the stores were pretty empty and sales people must have been quite bored because they had nothing better to do then attack me.  Granted they are trying to be helpful but often I like to roam around and look at things and if I have a sales person hanging on my every word that's not going to happen and I probably won't wind up with an additional purchase or any purchase.  The mall by me just opened one of those sock stores and they had some awesome leggings on display so I went to take a peak.  The second I stepped one foot onto the carpet the employee was right there in my business, so I walked right back out.  We also now have Gadgets and Gizmos (again, I doubt its going to last) I went in and one guy was following very stealth like and I jumped when he asked if he could help me.  Not a fan of bored sales people.

I went in every possible shoe store in and around our mall for these Cowgirl Boots.  Sears, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, MACY's, H&M, Bakers, DSW, etc... I found one pair that is an awful very point Steve Madden and the wrong color.  Wet Seal had a cute pair but in the wrong color.  Eventually, I remembered a shoe store that is on the north side of the mall called Jodi's Shoes.  I found them!  They are not prefect, but they were on sale for $10 and in the right color.  The lady working of course sprung on me after the other customers left which resulted in me not looking at any other discounted shoes.  The way she was asking questions I felt like she was ready to be my personal shopper and stuff shoes on my feet.  Not a fan of that and I tried to not be rude but it made me very uncomfortable and therefor I made her uncomfortable.  She got the hint and walked away but I still rushed out with just my boots.

Yay!  I found Cowgirl Boots!  :D  So Amy Pond is ready to go if ever needed.  She may be a last resort of iCon now... no idea what I am doing, lol.  Hopefully my floor buddy comes up with an idea tomorrow as I will be hanging at the outlets with my girl and her little boy.

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