Friday, March 23, 2012

Circus can cure the blues...

Circus!  Circus!  Circus!

It's amazing to have found something that I find I grow to love more each time I engage in it.

This week I have been going through a more somber mood.  I was actually quite depressed today.  I haven't even been talking to my friends like I normally do.  Interestingly enough the one that noticed was not expected.  You wouldn't know it if you saw me.  I am a master of hiding my feelings when I want to and the reality is I am happy yet not.  I have great friends that have been filling my weekends.  I have a hobby I absolutely adore.  Lots of great plans coming up including a mini vacation to see some newly found family in two weeks.  What could be better?

Work life.  It's not bad.  I love what I do and I really mean that.  My actual job is great.  I like ordering.  I like inventorying, organizing and scheduling catering.  I do.  I also really like the people I work with it.  What's pushing me away is the culture of our establishment.  Funny how I was just at the forum today and they were talking about the culture surveys.  Huh.  The other thing pushing me away is the restrictions coming left and right on things that shouldn't be restricted.  Now if you read my previous post about vegetarians you know I absolutely love my veggies.  I nag at the cooks for veggies and one of our chefs makes the most amazing seasoned veggies ever.  I am spoiled.  Well no longer.  We are no longer allowed to season veggies because it messes with the nutritional value and they have to be plain.  For me this means I will no longer be supporting my department as they no longer offer food I deem edible so I am going to have to start bringing food in.  This news alone tipped my day downward.  This makes it very hard to be excited to work in a food environment.  I am not making the food, but even as the buyer I want to be excited about what is being produced and I can't these days.  Not at all.

So I was beyond bummed and drove to my trapeze class which oddly I got to early.  Today it was just me and one of my girlfriends and next week it will be a whole bunch of us.... the last scheduled day in Brooklyn.  :(

I don't know what it is about trapeze, but it really does turn my world upside down.  Here I was in a blah mood having a bummy day and half awake.  When I left class I was happy, wide awake, and singing.  We did lots of new tricks.  Some successful and some not.  I managed to do TWO roll downs pretty easily, but I have to keep my silly legs straight.  I pulled off a catchers lock to standing on my own with only Stef grabbing the bar to stop the swing (and I didn't fall).  I did a sleeping beauty on ropes, sleeping beauty with toes, slide (snake) to single knee, fetal position, arch up, scissor roll around, catchers lock angel, and I was even able to pull off a back balance.  All of those tricks are brand spanking new.  I love the arch up.  My teacher says it kills her shoulder and it's painful but I found it very comfortable.  Oh!  I did a falling angel also!  It's pretty awkward but I will get there and hopefully next week I will have my trapeze to play on.

We also got to be in class while a Cyr Wheel class was going on.  Very interesting.  Though I think German Wheel might be a better place to start with wheel acts.  They are very different but the German Wheel seems a bit more sturdy due to the width, so I think getting the balance end down might be a touch easier on German, but I don't take wheel so that's only observation.

Driving home today I had my iPod on shuffle and "The Climb" popped on.  I know... Miley, what?  It's a decent song and it was perfect for how I felt leaving today.  Stopped at Taco Bell for some food and stumbled on a posting from Time of the Faeries that said they will be at iCon next weekend!  This is ridiculously exciting for me.  I met Joe Corsentino for the first time at iCon the last time I was there and I have been wanting to pick up more of his prints.  His online store only sells the large 23" and 8" x 10" sizes but he has 4" x 6" as well and I really would like to pick up a bunch of them especially some of his older shots.  My new bedroom is now deep purple and I moved the fairy prints in there and I would like to add more as I have lots of wall space waiting.  So excited!  I hope Joe will be attending.  What an awesome night cap.  Time for bed for me as I have to be up bright and early to see a friend, a two year old, and an 7 year old.  That is if the weather doesn't ruin our park day.

I was considering not attending iCon due to quite a few factors, but now that has changed.  :)