Saturday, March 10, 2012

Circus vs Cosplay... Circus Wins.

So just yesterday I was contemplating new simple cosplays even though I said I was taking a break.  I was about to ask a girl friend if she wanted to pair up with me, but I have been so busy the last few days that I completely forgot to do it and today I was reminded of exactly why I am taking that break.  So I am pretty happy I forgot to send the message (everything happens for a reason).

I spent today shopping for some simple furniture pieces at Ikea.  I wound up going to both the Hicksville store and the Brooklyn store.  Hicksville didn’t have one of the pieces I was looking for in stock and I was going to Brooklyn anyway.  I was ahead of schedule so I took the random trip to the Brooklyn store and they did have it in stock.  Yay!  No more Ikea trips for me now because I believe I am set.

I then met up with Wendy and she gave me a tour of the KTU studio.  I had no idea all the NY radio stations are broadcast both in the same building and on the same floor.  Anyway, we went off to buy circus equipment!  We both picked up a fancy Lulu Lemon yoga bag that will fit the static trapeze.  Then we went off to a rock climbing store.  Now both of us are new to purchasing gear for rigs so naturally we had some questions.  I don’t know the weight restrictions on the carabiners or nylon slings so I asked.  Initially I only asked about the carabiner and the associate was not very nice after I explained it’s for aerial rigging.  He came across as though I was stupid for not knowing that all of the carabiners on the wall would be suitable because apparently they are all made to handle an enormous amount of weight.  I don’t know this and last I knew they came with different weight restrictions.  In the end he did show us the ones he felt would be most suitable.  We then were questioning the nylon slings and a different friendlier employee came over to help us.  Apparently this tiny little nylon sling can hold up to 500 pounds.  Jaw drops.  The second employee was educating us, the first made me feel stupid; huge difference.

We wound up both getting our carabiners and nylon slings.  I bought my slings slightly shorter then Wendy’s because she is a peanut and my trapeze needs to be a few inches higher so I can beat without kicking the mat.  I have an awful beat because I am constantly (and I do NOT mind) handicapped by my height.  At 5'3" I am tall for trapeze.  Even our instructor is shorter then me.  Anyway, I bend my legs when I beat because I can’t really kick and I think my flimsy beat is why I can’t do a roll up!  Ugg.  Eventually.

So while Wendy and I were shopping I got a text from a cosplay friend which unintentionally depressed me.  I know this person is not trying to upset me and I know none of my friends are trying to upset me.  The problem is often with cosplay I feel left out.  Very often.  Most of the time I deal with it pretty well, but when an event happens that I ether know absolutely nothing about or I know about it and I don’t have a roommate it gets me really down.  I had been having a great week right until that moment and CRASH here we go again.  :/  I was very happy I was with Wendy because by time I left Brooklyn I felt much better.  Chatting with a friend and focusing on circus stuff helped a lot.

It’s fine.  It’s one of the reasons I am taking a break from cosplay.  I don’t blame anyone and I certainly don’t expect people to think of me every time they make plans, but it might be nice once in a while because it really sucks when you find out all of your friends are at a local convention you didn’t even know was happening let alone more then one friend going.  It really is fine though because today was dedicated to circus shopping and that’s what my life is focused on now.  Everything has it’s place and time.  Had I been there I wouldn’t have gotten to hang out with Wendy and pick up some sweet gear.  Now I can’t actually use my gear for a few weeks because I am about to order my static so I don’t have it just yet, but it will be good to have extra gear in class because you never know if someone will forget a sling.

I find it interesting that I already said I was taking a break to focus on static trapeze and here I was unknowingly trading cosplay for circus.

On the same concept of feeling left out I fear I may have inadvertently ignored a friend in need and I plan on trying to make it up to her because I (obviously) don’t like that feeling and I don’t like to inflict it on anyone else.  A similar blog topic is coming in the future… maybe tomorrow.  Who knows?

Oh I did a two legged monkey roll again and this time it wasn’t quite as hard.  I think it’s mind over matter.  I did it the first time and it was super hard and took a lot out of me.  This class I wasn’t asked to try.  I just got up on the bar and went for it on my own while my instructor was working with another student.  I wish I could have seen my face because I certainly felt shocked.  Sometimes I think I perform better when no one is looking.  And for every success there is always a new challenge and the next one is ankle hangs.  I have a feeling I won’t be able to do ankle hangs well but I am going to keep trying and maybe one day it won’t feel like I am ripping my feet off my body.  It doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone else as much so I am curious if my high arches are part of the problem.  I fell out of the hang though. We were supposed to put our palms on the floor and it got too painful and I let go of the bar and fell awkwardly.  Oh actually I still need to get the roll ups and roll downs functioning properly.  Goals!  Woo hoo!

I finished putting together my Ikea stuff, tomorrow I will be ordering my own static trapeze, and I have to sort this mess of an apartment.  Since “renovating” it’s been a mess and as of next weekend I should have everything set and this apartment clean.  So exciting.