Saturday, March 17, 2012

Futon, Phone Upgrades, and I have no idea what to title this...

So guess who has been a super busy bee these days?

Me.  :D

I don't mind.  I enjoy being busy but I also like downtime once in a blue and this missy keeps getting ill like this morning.  Lately, I have been so busy that I actually miss how bored I was at the height of Mono and Epstein Barr. 

I also really want to finish X-23 and Fluttershy so I can not have the projects lingering around anymore, but I have been way too busy to fit time in to work on them.

The biggest thing that has been occupying my time is renovating my apartment.  Today a good friend of mine helped me pick up my brand new futon!  It's a silly thing to be excited about but going from living as though I was in a studio to actually using my bedroom I needed a couch and I thought hey a futon would be sweet because people can stay over if need be.  Yay!  I totally used my friend for his truck... hee hee.  I also bought him pizza.  :D

It took me two hours to put together, but it was fun building it.  I enjoy building furniture.  It's one of those zone out moments that rarely happen these days.  I sat on my floor with iHeartRadio playing and was in my own little world for a few hours.  Now I have all the cardboard to clean up!  They packed the pieces of the frame a little too well.  I have so much cardboard.  Some of it I am saving for future crafts.  You never know when you need to line the floor for glitter explosions.

I also finally upgraded my cell phone this week.  I have had an upgrade available for a year now.  I just kept re-budgeting the cost of the new phone as other expenses took priority and in the meantime asking friends what they have and if they are happy with their phones.  So when I got to Verizon I knew exactly what I wanted.  The iPhone 4S.  I didn't need the S, but with higher memory and a faster processor it couldn't hurt to have the S. 

The sales guy was the biggest tool.  He tried very hard to talk me into an Android.  Telling all the benefits of the Android and 4G service.  Thing is I did my homework and I know Suffolk County does not have 4G yet so his 4G argument was invalid.  He said we will be getting 4G in the summer and 3G is like having dial up internet.  I have not had any issues with the internet speed on this 3G phone.  He also tried very hard to sell me on a package with a car charger and screen protectors, a case, an extra wall charger... I let him sell me the screen protectors but I went elsewhere for the case and I already have a car charger and an additional wall charger (an old school one too) for my iPod.  As a last resort during checking out he tried to sell me an iPad.  No thank you.

After playing with the phone for a few days I do understand why Verizon is pushing the Android.  The one thing I absolutely LOVE about the iPhone is that all apps are charged through iTunes and not Verizon.  This is much easier for me as I am on a plan with someone and I won't have to figure the bill out like I would if it were being charged to Verizon.  Verizon from what I have seen doesn't make any money off of iPhone's after initial purchase.  They don't make money on apps or ring tones and (as I demonstrated in the store) most of us have iPods and do not need the additional accessories.  I still have my wall charger from my very first iPod Mini (it was pink) that I bought in 2004.  Apple products do last.  I can't deny that.  One day I will have a MacBook.  One day.  But you can see how they do make any $ after the first purchase.  My old phones my chargers always broke on me and I had to get new ones at Verizon, now I can go anywhere and apple chargers seem to be pretty durable.

I also rented Tin Tin earlier this week but I didn't have the time to sit down and watch it!  I am hoping tomorrow I will get to turn it on.  I did watch the beginning but I was so exhausted and distracted that I kept having to rewind and re-watch.  That gets annoying after a little while, but I should have time tomorrow finally.

Oh and I said I was ill today!  Get this I have been feeling under the weather all week long.  I left work sick one day and picked up my amazing homeopathic medicine (that I can not pronounce) Oscillococcinum by Boiron.  I picked this stuff up for the first time years ago because I had a wicked fever and I didn't like the side effects/symptoms on the other products and this product took care of my fever in a snap.  I remember taking it thinking "really this stuff is like sugar granules," I went to sleep and I woke up completely normal like  I had never been sick.  For awhile it was tough to find in stores but now it's becoming easier to find (and more affordable as well) which is great!

So I took it twice this week before bed and it did help.  Last night I went to trapeze and I had told my girlfriend I had a cold (which I thought was it) with the sniffles.  I got home around 10:30pm and I was so exhausted I laid down in my bed to play Drawsomething (obsessed) and was so out of it I let myself pass out.  I did not remove my contacts.  I did not shut any light off in the apartment and every single one of them was on.  I even left the TV on.

I set my alarm for 6am.  I am trying to get in the habit of being up early every morning.  IT WILL HAPPEN.  I woke up from my eyes feeling like they were being stabbed.  My eyeshadow yesterday was glittery so I am guessing it got in my eyes and with the contacts this didn't go over well in my eye sockets.  So I stumbled into my bathroom like a drunk zombie and manged to get them out and also get myself seriously nauseous.  This makes no sense!

I was not out drinking last night (not that I get hung over when I do), I ate dinner yesterday,  I ate PANERA (so it was healthy food not junk), and I went to bed at a good hour.  WHY?????  I laid back down and tried to get up at 7am with no non-nauseous luck.  I wound up getting up at 10am feeling a little better and forced myself to work through it to get this place ready for a futon.  What an awful time this morning was!

Not to mention how sore my back is from aerials.  The lower back has some pressure bruising and the upper back is just super sore from being worked out.  That's enough of my whining today.

I hope you all had a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day!

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