Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gaming Systems, Cleaning and everything I have been up to...

What haven't I done in the last few weeks other then slacking on posts?

A few days ago I posed the question Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 on the facebook page... I find that there are very few gamers that use both systems or have given both systems a fare shot.  For the most part the comments I received were very one sided except for my friend Justin who seems to be the go to for all information I am looking for.

When I moved into this apartment almost two years ago my computer overheated and died.  Justin saved my files from my melted hard drive.  He also recently got me a copy of Firefly.  I have been looking in stores and it seems they were pulled from stock.  Because of how the DVD industry has changed it makes sense that stores on stock the shelves based on buying trends.  What doesn't sell is returned to the companies.  I actually heard that straight from an employee and it makes sense from a retailer point of view.

Anyway, I wound up with a PS3 because (as Brian pointed out) it plays all PS system games which was a huge selling point for me.  I loved my PS1.  Granted I have never been a big gamer ever, but I do have a few favorites from when I used to play more often.  Which games?  I always liked Musashi and Star Ocean.  I would never play Star Ocean now because I am not crazy about that style of game, but Musashi most definitely and I will be searching for a decent used copy.  There were more but I can't remember the names right now.  I also had a PS2 but I used it more for the DVD player and the games that I had I wasn't too crazy about.  I definitely can get into a good game though.

This wasn't the only reason I went PS3.  I like the free online gaming.  I also like that I know more people that are on PS3 then Xbox.  The one point Justin gave me that wound up not holding much weight in the end was that the Kinect is better then the Move.  I had a Wii a few years back and I found that the sensor for that had it's flaws even though it was good.  I can't imagine either being better then Wii.  I did pick up a Move and I haven't gotten to play with it yet because I also picked up a used copy of Alice Madness Returns and I am stuck prior to a save spot.  Hopefully that will change today.  I totally got a used copy of Zumba for the Move.  I have never taken a Zumba class.  It's a fad that I am not interested in joining but at home why not?  Just Dance 3 has a Katy Perry exclusive and until I stop hearing Katy Perry name or music every few minutes I might not gag at the thought of buying it.  Side note: I do really like some of Katy's music mostly her first album.  Currently, I am not interested in the Micheal Jackson Experience either.  So Zumba fit the bill.

I haven't mentioned graphics or sound because neither concern me.

I haven't been able to play much on it because I am paused in Alice and I would like to kick myself for starting the game.  Why couldn't I have waited a few days?  I am now on Netflix (finally)!

As I keep saying I have been renovating my apartment and this weekend I managed to finally get it straightened out.  There is still more to do.  My bedroom finally looks like a bedroom.  Since I now have a PS3 my Bluray player was moved into the bedroom and rehooked up to the ridiculously old tube TV.  Hey it works and now I can watch movies in there since I did not hook the cable up to it. I can also upgrade that TV eventually.

I just went to town cleaning the bathroom and kitchen this morning which now has my whole apartment smelling like perfume because of the disinfectant.  I don't care for overwhelming perfume scents this is not ideal.  Next time I buy disinfectant it's going to be orange or lemon... something clean smelling, not perfume scented.  I went through clothes and I have lots to give to Savers which is nice because I shop there too.  Savers is a nice thrift shop by me that is not only huge, but all the proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls club.  I shop there infrequently but when I do I always find great items.  Last weekend, I found two shirts, a pair of boots (I can never find boots that fit me anywhere), a small wine rack, 5 mlps (all G3 and one MD G4), and a Rodger Rabbit stuffed animal with all tags attached.  I spent about $25.00.  Friggin awesome.  Now I have some clothes to give them.

Isn't that interesting?
I finally returned bottles and wound up with close to $5 in bottle deposits.  I have not returned bottles in a long time and I obviously have a bit of a plastic bottle problem.  Cleared out a lot of cardboard.  I put lots of things in storage which has given me more living space.  I still have a lot of sorting to do here though, plus vacuuming and mopping.  Oh and last night I passed out at 7pm and slept through the night and woke up at 6am which felt really good.  I also slept very soundly.  I normally wake up a few times and last night I only sort of woke up once.  I put an app called Sleep Cycle on my phone which I am really only using on the weekends right now.  By how you move in your sleep it graphs your sleep cycles and normally mine is up and down like a crazy roller coaster, not last night.  I hope I keep this sleeping schedule up.  Though not 10 hours a night.

I also joined AAA.  I am doing crazy things every where.  At the same time I wish I were doing different things.  Sometimes I think I am just keeping myself busy and busy means I am happy when I am really just happily distracting myself.  I can say that trapeze does make me very happy.  I just wish my non-circus friends were more supportive (oddly enough my work friends are very supportive).  I get really excited when exciting things happen to those around me even if it's not something I have any interest in... I am excited because they are excited that's what I consider being supportive.  It's about encouragement and I am not feeling much of that which makes me not want to talk to people, because if you can't share excitement and happiness why bother?  I am not about sharing just disappointment and misery.  Maybe its just that I am changing again... time will tell.  :o)