Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun Articles

Hello everyone!

I am blogging from my desk at the moment.  Today while checking out food news I came across some articles I found really interesting and wanted to share with you!

I am so fond of The Huffington Post.  I don't even read local news anymore, which is probably not the best thing in the world.  They have a wonderful food section that I find keeps me more informed on the food industry then my sales reps would like me to be.  For example about two months ago there was a hard cooked egg recall from a brand we use in the distribution areas that serve us.  I got in touch with our sales person who informed me that they would have notified us if we had been affected by the recall.  This didn't go over too well.  I would would rather be informed in both situations.  One it makes my sales person look fabulous and on top of things and two I don't find out on my own (which is never good).

Today I came across this fun article on Microwhat.  They went and over microwaved some food items and made gifs of the results.  Some are pretty interesting.  I am excited to get home and check out the other items mentioned in the article.  What happens to toothpaste in a microwave?  Hrm....

The second article I found today was about Marmageddon.  Over in New Zealand their Marmite factory has not yet recovered from the earthquake in 2011.  The article is great because it talks about the difference between England's Marmite and New Zealand's version.  They also mention Australia's Vegemite.  I have never tried any of these and it's something I think I would give a shot.  New Zealand not having Marmite until July is like us having a bacon shortage.  Can you imagine?  Eek!

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a wonderful and warm vernal equinox!  Spring is definitely in the air and it's here!  When I left work yesterday I could smell flowers outside for the first time this year.  I can't wait to finish my cosplays and get out to the gardens.

Oh and my pagan heart is crying "Happy Ostara!"

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