Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am going to start writing about Broadway later today, but before hand let me just ramble for a bit...

After humming a few bars on Monday, I woke up Tuesday morning with a not so happy throat.  Today it's full blown crabby.  I get these weird sore throats that are painful but don't alter my voice (weird, I know).  I wonder if it's because I am fairly quiet because I am well aware if I raised my voice it would evaporate or I would start gasping.  Am I the only one that gets this?  The only way I can describe it is that is feels like my throat is bleeding something acidic.  Friend of mine told me to drink orange juice today.  No way was that happening.  I don't drink orange juice to begin with but I am not stupid enough to think pouring an acidic drink down my throat that feels like it's being burned by something acidic is a good idea.  It was a valid suggestion though and her thought was to pump me full of vitamin C.

In the year 2012 I have been to my post office so often picking up and dropping off packages that the one postmaster knows me by name and when he sees me coming he walks in the back and pulls whatever was delivered out before I give him the pick up notice.  I am not sure if this is good or not, but it makes me feel like I need to slow it down with my deliveries.

Today I picked up FOUR packages and I got another one on Monday.  Monday I received the "It Stays" body adhesive.  I will most likely do a write up on it once I get to try it out.  So far I have only stuck my sweatshirt sleeve to my wrist with a tiny bit of it and it worked well and also made me less fearful of my adhesive allergy since I did not have a reaction.

Today, I picked up the last four issues of Top Cow's Artifacts!  I can FINALLY finish it!  Next I get to play catch up with Magdalena (loooooove).  I also picked up a box with four well loved baby MLP's.  The last package which I opened right away was my FINAL wig from the nightmare Vogue Wigs purchase.  I am definitely not shopping with that site again and I think I may be making an addition to the links list titled "Shops to be Wary of."  They did finally respond to my email about the colors not matching and I got a very unconcerned response telling me the page is correct.  I have since found another site that sells the same brand of wigs for the same price and discounts, and I will be using them in the future not Vogue Wigs.

However, the color I got in Forever Young's Glow Girl is beautiful.  It's a medium red blonde, not what I thought it was going to be but the color is really pretty.  Eventually, I will be doing a write up on the wigs from my second Vogue Wig purchase and also the blue Honey Color contacts.  Gosh so much to do and so little time... well off I go to start the first half of the Broadway blog.