Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: The Adventures of Tin Tin

This morning I reserved two movies on Redbox so I decided I was going to FINALLY sit down and watch Tin Tin all the way through with out being distracted by my computer or phone.  Since it would be silly to pick up two more without dropping off the one I have already.

I tried watching this movie last Tuesday when I rented it and found myself highly distracted to the point that I finally gave up and decided I would re-watch it later in the week which oddly enough I wasn't thrilled about and now since watching it I know why.

The movie is wonderful.  The story is superb.  The animation is perfect for the film.  I also really enjoy both Captain Haddock and Snowy.  Snowy really got me.  The detail paid to the dogs reactions made me want to reach into the TV and hug him.  He is like a kid at times and through "luck" seems to be ahead of the game.  Captain Haddock got me because who doesn't love a lovable sailor?

The movie is filled with non stop action and well developed story.  However, it never slows down and gives the viewer the chance to take in or contemplate the complex story.  So even though its a wonderful story it winds up suffering and taking a back seat to action.  Instead of a typical dramatic structure Tin Tin stays at action climax the entire film.  There is no rising or falling action.  It's just go go go.  After an hour of this it makes the movie flat.  Surprisingly, the movie is only 107 minutes long, but to me it felt like it was much longer.  I am almost inclined to think that if the movie had been longer with more restful moments I might have been more engaged in it and not felt like I was forcing myself through the second half of the film.  I am almost inclined to think they knew they had a great story so they tried to make it even better.  Thing is when you have something that is wonderful it usually doesn't need improvement.  I also think that if a story is good enough the action should take the backseat not the story, as the action is just a piece of a films layers.

Just before the movie ended I kept thinking to myself "when is this movie ending?"  Every time I thought the movie reached it's peak in the story it just kept on going and it tired me out quickly.  After the fact it took me a few moments to realize what I didn't like about the film because for all the elements I typically pick up on I did like.  I like the story.  I like the characters.  I like the animation.  I like the surprises.  I like the humor.  I like everything about it, yet I don't like it as a whole.

Half way through the film I found myself distracted again.  This was not because I was being distracted (as was the first time around) but because I was losing interest in the film.

So many people said they loved it and I wish I could say that because I was really looking forward to this film.  I am definitely not looking forward to the sequel now.

What are the movies I reserved you may be wondering?  The Muppets and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  =D

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