Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: The Muppets

I just finished watching The Muppets!  Another movie I was excited to see...

and another movie that disappointed me, it seems as though lately TV shows are much better then watching films.  Every movie I have seen recently I have not cared for except for The Princess and The Frog.

Why didn't I like the Muppet's?  These are not the Muppet's I know.  When I here the Muppets I think slap stick ridiculous humor and that was not in this film.  Sure there were oodles of homages to "The Muppet Show," "Muppet's Tonight," and movies as well but all were very fleeting until the very end.

I had a very hard time listening to the new music. While Jason Segel pulled off his lyrics and dancing decently, the material given to Amy Adams was beyond repair.  I enjoy Amy Adams and I think her musical talents were wasted in this film.  Sure she is not Gladys Knight or Bernadette Peters (both guests from The Muppet Show), but give her some good pieces to work with and I bet she can be just as entertaining as Katy Perry.   During several numbers I stared at the screen perplexed.  I don't understand why they didn't have better material?  This is Disney after all and they gave Amy some great numbers in Enchanted.  Why make the music so super cheesy?  I get the musical end, but Enchanted had some great musical numbers (i. e. "That's How You Know") that were written and performed well enough that it made the cheese factor work for the film.

The comedy in the film really disappointed me.  My expectations were that of the typical Muppet's.  Wild, crazy, uninhibited, unhinged, confident, and sporadic Muppet's!  Instead they were depressing Muppet's.  Kermit was uninspiring and the rest of the character had a few moments to shine yet they never got around to it.  I also did not like the subtitles for the chicken.  What was that?  The funny thing about the chickens is that the audience doesn't understand them and the Muppet's do.  The chickens are all telling the story with action, not words.  The Swedish Chef's only moment has little to do with his classic cooking scenes and consists only of him blowing the inside of the fridge up when cleaning.

The finale was my favorite part of the movie where they pulled out all the Muppet's.  Not everyone created because there are hundreds of Muppet's, but the ones that did appear made the movie for me.  The homage to "Manamana" brought back lots of memory's.

My favorite character the entire film was definitely Animal, who tried so hard to control his rage.  I waited for Gonzo's bowling ball to do fly off and do something at anytime yet it went no where.  Did anyone else notice he still had it swinging in his arm at the end of the film?  The Gonzo I knew would have lost that bowling ball in the catwalk and knocked out a chicken or two.

I am a bit peeved that ROBIN the frog was MIA.  Where was little Robin???????  No wonder Robin tends to feel unnoticed as he is completely missing.

Overall, this movie is not what I expected and it failed to make me laugh.  I have to wonder how children reacted to it.

Here is a classic Robin moment with the Swedish Chef and Kermit.

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