Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Sleep Cycle App

Okay the new blogger layout is very strange and very different.  Hmm... well since upgrading to the fabulous iPhone two weeks ago I loaded an app that has quickly become my favorite.

It is called Sleep Cycle and I love it.

It monitors your sleep and can only be used when sleeping alone.  That includes pets unless you have a dog like my previous dog that cuddles until you fall asleep and then wanders off to their own bed.  Basically you set the alarm clock, kick your volume to high, and lay the phone screen down on the bed while you sleep.  Do not lock the phone and if your battery is not so awesome make sure it's plugged in.  The app analyses what stage of sleep you are in based on the movement it receives.  This is why you must be alone.  The alarm will go off at the best time to wake you out of your sleep cycle with in 30 minutes of the alarm time.

I really like it and I find the data on different nights to be so interesting.  In college I studied lucid dreaming and in doing so learned about different sleep states, dreaming, and how we have several dreams in a night.  The data clearly shows the cycles and my cycles look like nutty roller-coaster rides but with clear patterns.

Check them out:

I didn't sleep much this night, nor did I sleep well... :/

This one was from last night... and completely different... The alarm was set for 5am but I did not get up and I am thinking I was in no state to be waking up.  None of the graphs have me in that deep of sleep.  I do wish I had this app earlier in the year because seeing what it might have looked like at the height of EBV would have been interesting to me, but I am almost thinking since I technically still have it maybe this is the result?  Granted it was only five hours but no sleep cycle?  It's like I went into REM apparently woke up (or close to it) and then went straight back to REM and stayed there.

I think its pretty interesting.  Has anyone else tried this?  If so what do you think?

By the way, I have never been able to lucid dream.  While studying it and keeping a dream diary I was almost there but I wound wake up the second I started going lucid.  Maybe that can be a new project once life slows down...  In a dream world, literally.  lol.

Ugg this new layout is really strange... I feel like all the buttons are missing...

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