Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wig Nightmare

So a few weeks ago I took Vogue Wigs up on a promotion they were running.  It was buy two get a third free.  I had blogged about it.

I purchased two of the Nocturnal wigs one in a dark brown and the other in a light blonde.  The third wig is called Glow Girl and I ordered that wig in a Auburn and Chestnut blend called "I Heart Expresso" that looked really pretty.   I received an email saying the color "I Heart Expresso" is on back order.  They asked if I wanted to keep it on back order for four weeks or order a different color.  I asked if they could keep it on back order and then after four weeks if the color is still not available then ask me about a new color.  The response was no.  After four weeks the order would be automatically canceled and I would be refunded.  However I bought this wig through a promotion and I am not sure if it falls under the "free" wig or how that would work with a reimbursement.  I would rather not cancel and wind up losing out on the promotion I already paid for.

I also asked if I could chose a different style in lieu of the Glow Girl because I really like the "I Heart Espresso" color.  They did say yes to this.  However, I don't care for the other styles that color comes in.  I went back to Glow Girls page.  Each wig page lists colors both on the page itself with thumbnails that get a big bigger on a hover and each style has a pop up box to view all colors with color descriptions (very helpful with blended colors).  On the pop up I picked a new color RS-29 which is another interesting blend.  I sent that email last night.  I received another email today saying that color choice is not available in Glow Girl.

I can't tell you how frustrated I immediately got.  I was ready to tell them to cancel the order and that I was never using their site again which I still might not because they apparently have errors on their website.  I wrote back to them and asked that they give me a list of available colors so I can pick from what is available and avoid this same issue happening again.  They sent me a list of 12 choices.

Colors Available via Email:
HL4-33, 8-12-24BHL, 1, 8, P6-27, F18-22, Hazelnut, 2, 6, 24B18, 27C-29 and Hot Caramel

Colors Available on Glow Girl Page:
HL4-33, 8-12-24BHL, 1, 8, P6-27, F18-22, Hazelnut, 2, 6, HL27-613, 1B, 24BT18, 27C-29, Hot Caramel, Hampton Blonde, P6-30, and I Heart Expresso

Colors Available on Glow Girl Pop Up Descriptions:
Cappuccino, RS-29, Hazelnut, 2, 6, 1B, 25BT18, Hot Caramel, Hampton Blonde, I Heart Expresso, and 613

So only FOUR of the colors on any of the lists are consistent (green).  Between the email and the page only 12 (yellow & green) of the 16 choices are correct, granted the one is back ordered.  The email they sent actually says "the colors listed are" not the colors in stock.  Then between the page and the pop up description only FIVE colors match (green) and one of them is not actually a color of the wig according the the email (red).  What's the story with all the other colors.  I am happy I asked them to send me a list and that they did because using the pop up as I had been there is no question I would have picked another unavailable color.

I know back orders happen.  I am a buyer and I deal with this constantly.  I also play with lots of numbers and comparisons, can you tell?  Back orders are a manufacturer thing and I don't mind waiting, but what got me so irritated is the inconsistency of the website.  That is a pretty big error which is why I might not be using Vogue Wigs again.  I am very happy with the products but they are available on other websites.  Promotions and free shipping are not worth the headache this order has been.

I picked a new color of 27C-29.  It's another blend.  Definitely not the blend I was looking for.  This is a blonde blend and I was looking for a brunette blend, but I could absolutely love it.  They did ship the two Nocturnal wigs and they are lovely.  They do not fall the same way the pink one does and I do not think the colors are as flattering as the pink one, but they will do just fine.  I will take pictures once the third one arrives or when I am in a photo snapping mood.  I haven't been lately.

I did have a wonderful first experience with Vogue Wigs, but my suggestion is to use caution.  The error could just be on the one product page and maybe after the email I sent them in response bringing this HUGE error to light will help them fix it.  Who knows.  Earlier this week I emailed a seller on eBay to let them know their listing was incorrect.  They had a book listed as an Ebas cover when it is actually an Al Rio.  They actually had quite a few artist errors but I only messaged them on the one because often I think it's an intentional error and they ignore my messages.  This seller did respond, fixed it and thanked me which is nice to see.  So you never know, maybe they will fix the site.  My fingers are crossed.