Thursday, March 29, 2012

X-23 Cosplay

This morning I popped into my Post Office hoping my trapeze might be there since it's been three weeks and it's a little late and I am getting antsy.  I thought it would be nice to have it for our last official class in Brooklyn until next winter.  It was not there.  No worries.  However, my claws and buckle were!

Now I have been super stressed out about what to wear at iCon this coming weekend.  Originally I was planning to debut Fluttershy at iCon but I haven't had the time to even start working on the dress.  Typically had I had the time and it was finished it would have been perfect as Fluttershy has no weaponry and I think she fits in pretty well with the type of scene.  I am hearing the show has gotten heavy on Anime which is surprising.  (Oh I have to remember to get some espresso beans from work... a tip from the knowledgeable staff at Fourth World) 

X-23 had crossed my mind, but I didn't have the props.  Supergirl, I don't think fits this show.  Elektra maybe, but I would rather have it remade before trying to pull her off again.  Calie could work.  Of course I threw together an outfit for Amy Pond this week as well.  What to do what to do!  AUGH!!!!!

Icon has this insane prop policy.  Most likely because of the college campus, that is the only reason that makes sense to me.  The last two times I went to this show was well before I ever thought of cosplaying.  I do remember reading the restrictions but quickly forgot them as they did not apply to me.  Basically there is an absolute no gun policy.  Nothing that resembles a gun.  Makes sense considering the shootings on college campuses in recent years.  They also require all weapon props to be peace bonded which means its tied to the body and not accessible.

I sent an email to the people running the show and asked about claws, because they are not daggers and not guns and I think fall outside the restrictions listed.

I went to town this evening making and fixing the rest of the costume.  I left work sick today (again) and my friend graciously allowed me to move our date to Sunday so I could stay in and rest up.  Yes making a costume is restful when compared to walking around and shopping.  Yes shopping can be exhausting.  I was so happy to not be doing that this evening.

The first thing I did for X-23 was fix the choker I had already made.  When I first made it the pendant was hanging much too low.  I took the strap, sewed it in half and whip stitched the sides by hand.  I hate hand stitching, but sometimes a girl needs to.  I then fixed the waistband on the stretchy pants I purchased from Mandees months ago.  They are seriously tight pants, but the waist band needed to be folded over which resulted in more hand stitching. 

Next up was the belt.  I already bought a belt on ebay months ago and it was a touch too short.  I could have easily taken pieces of the chain since my main concern was not having the chain dangling around.  Instead I purchased another belt from the same buyer.  I popped three circles off of the new belt, added then to the old belt and took the chain off.  I then took the center circle and attached the buckle made by Logan at The Snikt Shop (who also made the claws).  He made it with a Velcro closer so all I had to do was put the Velcro around the belt loop.

I then remade the top.  This time it was easier, faster, and fit better.  Yay!  I learned a few things from my first try.  I made this with the lining pattern for Futtershy's Dress.  It just happened to be right for the project.  The first try I made it without elastic in the arms, neck, and bottom which left it with poor shape.  I tried adding elastic to the top but I had sewn the seams in a manner that made getting the elastic in impossible and of course with a stretch stitch seam ripping is nearly impossible without tearing the fabric.  So I needed to remake the top.  This one is fab, yet much shorter then I had expected but it is done and I am happy with it.  It was pretty painless making the new one.  I wanted to do some fancy seam work, but with the last top doing this nearly broke the sewing machine so I didn't even try.  I see no need to frustrate myself. 

I have boots.  I even have some sweet leg warmers to pop up above the boots.  I did pick up a pair of arm warmers but I am not so crazy about them.  I think tomorrow on my way to Brooklyn I am going to stop at Party City and see if they have black arm warmers.  I would be even happier if they were knit arm warmers but that is probably asking too much.  :o)

So I am not sure I can wear X-23 at iCon but I figure I will try and worst comes to worse I will bring a back up outfit and change.  Hopefully not.  Keep your fingers crossed.