Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Updates


So I have been playing a little bit with the blog.  I updated the calendar and added some events and removed Dragon*con (since I now have somewhere else to be that weekend).  The times may not be correct as both FCBD events do not have set times yet and BronyCon does not have times listed at all just yet, so I made some guesses.

I also updated the cosplay page.  I have decided to not do the workmanship descriptions anymore and instead have a pic with item descriptions, links to sites, and eventually links to blog posts (where the workmanship descriptions will be in the future).  I might even write some and post date them so they don't clog up the posts.

There is still lots to do.  Eventually I want to links to work smoother but running tag scripts seems to be an issue on blogger.  Each time I work in html and add page tags and jumps the will work fine until I edit and save the page again.  Once I re-save the links send me to an edit page and I have no idea what they do for readers.

Last night I made a new Super Girl belt.  This one is fashioned after the belt 3 Muses Clothing made for my friend's Super Girl costume.  It's pretty much a spandex strap with a parachute buckle and took about an hour to make.  Most of the time was spent turning the fabric over.  It would have taken less time if I had a turner,  oh well.  One of the things I enjoy about cosplay is borrowing ideas and knowledge from friends or other cosplayers costumes.

While at a Renaissance Fair last May my friend was creating chainmaille jewelry.  I have played with jewelry creation years ago when I thought I was going to make an awesome charm-bracelet and failed miserably.  At the time jewelry making was not a fad and there was very little selection, supplies, or knowledge available in stores.  Watching how she made the chainmaille I though "oh, that's what I did wrong."  When I ordered my X-23 belt it was a bit shorter then expected so instead of taking the remaining chain off I decided to employ her technique, buy a second belt and fasten them together.

It's interesting how creative knowledge bounces around like that or maybe it's just me.

Anyway, I am off to dye my hair again.  This time it's called Cocoa Bean and it's a dark golden brown, which is about my natural color.  My color now isn't that far off from natural either.  After having the X-23 wig on and really loving the color I thought why not go dark for a bit.