Sunday, April 22, 2012


So much to talk about... interesting because I have not been very energetic lately so all these topics I have keep getting pushed aside and then I almost feel like they are too old to talk about yet not at the same time.

So I cracked my head at work this week.  I hit my head really good too.  I was having one of those moments where I rushed myself to get out of work because oddly enough I was going to my doctor to get a B12 shot.  B12 = energy boost that was much needed.  So while rushing to clear my desk I put some items in the tray on my desk forgetting about the shelf above my desk and whacked my head really good. I yelped and held my head bowed over the desk.  No one heard this happen and no one was in the area.  I didn't report it as a work incident.

Off I went to my doctor and we talked about a bunch of things and I never thought to mention whacking my head.  She knows I have the longest case of EBV she has seen in a while but she praised me for continuing trapeze.  I didn't expect this.  I thought she was going to tell me to stop and rest instead of trapeze but she said I need my exercise!  Yay!

Never thought about mentioning smacking my head and in hindsight I realize it would have been pointless anyway.  This happened Thursday and it's now Sunday and I still have the bump, soreness, nauseating headaches, and disorientation.  I just tried to stand up from my couch and almost fell.  At work Friday the only thing keeping me running was Motrin because without it I was very much off.  After work while being on the bus headed to Ghost on Broadway and the return trip I felt awful being in motion for so long.  On the way in the bus was making a left turn in Manhattan and a box truck tried to squeeze into the lane to the left of us and hit the bus.  This resulted in being pulled over, bickering between the drivers, and a report from NYPD.  The driver also asked if anyone was willing to to speak to his boss about the accident verifying that the truck did hit the the bus.  I didn't not actually see the truck hit.  I heard the scraping just out outside of my window.  After the incident the driver obviously upset and distracted pulled into the road and hit a car.  No joke.  This resulted in the drunk high pitch women thinking the whole bus ride was hilarious and making very rude comments for the rest of the drive up to 46th.  I am sorry but there is no need for grown adults to be saying things such as "oh there is another bus don't hit the bus" or "don't hit the pedestrians!"  It was embarrassing for the whole group and just goes to show some people really do not mature.  Then there is me sitting there with a headache and feeling very ill.  I just wanted off the bus.  I needed to not be in motion and some fresh air.  The ride home was void of accidents and high pitched voices yet I still felt really ill.  During the show there was one scene with numbers very quickly scrolling down the set Matrix style and my head wanted to blow up.  It was a very disorienting scene for me.

My Broadway buddy happens to be a nurse.  The whole ride I kept telling her how I think I have a mild concussion.  She said I should get check out but the thing is they can't do anything for a concussion.  So why bother going to the ER?  I am just inconveniencing the staff and myself.  I also never filled out an incident report.  In retrospect I know it's not something that anyone can do anything about.  It's just time and rest.  Luckily for me I have a pretty quiet weekend.  She did tell me to not take aspirin which I haven't because of the EBV just Motrin for me.  I also had no idea they took Excedrin for Migraines off the market.  Apparently they had traces percocet in them, no wonder they worked so well for my headaches, lol.

Even last night once I finally made it home I was so nauseous I just went to bed.  So far so good today though.  :o)

So yea concussions... no aspirin and medical care can't do too much so I didn't go to the ER, but I think I might have been lucky.  How do you know when a smack to the head is a blow hard enough to cause a serious concussion?  You don't know.  So don't follow in my footsteps.  I also did not mention the neck pain I woke up with Friday morning.  I couldn't turn my head to the left turning to the right wasn't as difficult but driving I had to turn my whole body to see my blind spots.  I now understand how my girl friend with a recovered neck injury has to drive, because she can't turn her head far enough and has to turn her body as I did.

I am going to chalk this up to a low B12 hazard.  I am laughing at myself but in reality it's not funny.  I was very out of it and I knew it.  It was a matter of time before I did something stupid I am just happy it was smacking my head good as opposed to other awful things that could have happened.  I will take this over a car accident any day.