Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hello from Cortland

Well I have been here in Cortland for 24 hours now and I am enjoying it. I am mostly enjoying the abundance of pets. My family appears to be running a small petting zoo with the cuddliest animals.

Because of quite a few very nasty cats I have known (even though I grew up with them) I have stopped liking cats. I have been skittish with them. The three boy cats here are the cuddliest creatures ever. Louie even gave me a little back massage.

Today they took me to TWO waterfalls! =D Yay! Both huge. The trail at the first on was closed due to falling Rick but the second one was amazing. Every time you think your at the top it is just a plateau and goes higher. It's so pretty.

Also had some amazing Vegan Nachos at a cute mexican place in Ithaca. Funny how even though I didn't grow up with this part of my family we eat the same. We all wound up with vegan dishes. Not because we are vegan but because we love black beans. Lol. Had a deep talk about soy and almond milk and even similar thoughts on religion. So strange yet awesome. I feel less odd right now.

Oh today's lesson no matter how awesome the food do not hike up the side of a waterfall after eating. I got very ill. Took a two hour nap when I got back to the house. The EBV doesn't help either since that makes me nauseous just by blinking.

See you later. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend so far.

Typing on the phone is killing my hand.