Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nassau Clubbing...

Last night I went clubbing for the first time in about ten years.  I pretty much quitting clubbing and moved on to underground parties right after I turned 21.  Go figure.

The clubs I went to were in both Nassau County and New York City.  One of the reasons I stopped clubbing was being fed up with the scene.  Not that its a bad scene.  I don't like the dress to impress where one feels compelled to outshine everyone in the club.  I don't care for weird dress code.  I don't like cover charges unless I am seeing a band.  I don't care for the way over priced drinks (after paying a cover).  I don't like hearing the exact same music every single night out.  I don't like the way women treat each other in the bathroom. 

So when I girlfriend and her twin sister invited me out for their birthday romp at a club I was fretting.  The last time I was in a club was Les Poisson in New York City a few years ago and I had an awful time.   It was New Years the place was a mob scene and I can't tell you how many times I had drinks dumped on me and no one says sorry and when you're dressed up its never fun to have your clothes ruined by sloppy drunks.

Last night we went to Sugar in Carle Place and it was fabulous!  The club is a decent size.  The bartenders do get up on the bar, but they don't dance they turn on an air horn.  The decor was really artsy and pretty.  Wrapped around the place are glass walls and inside the walls are trees and mirrors which gives the illusion that they are actually windows and instead of being in a club that is in a strip mall you feel like your in a club in the middle of a forest.

The DJ was AWESOME!  I have a soft spot for DJ's.  I dated a Nassau DJ for three years and last night one of my friends mentioned Blue Tequila and I was like yeah I know that place my ex used to DJ there.  I am shocked it's still open.  The girls were going on and on about The Garden City Hotel, Triangle, Bonkers, etc... it was like I went back in time last night and I loved it.  I really can't believe they are still around.  All the places I used to club at in New York City (minus Webster Hall) are gone... Exit, Avalon, Centro Fly (loved that place), Sound Factory... poof gone.

So the music last night was also a trip back in time.  They even play the SAME house music!  There was some mix they played that was definitely mixed with "Dark Beat" and I heard "You're a Superstar!"  :D  One of my friends mentioned that all the songs have the same beat and for the most part house and dance music does and if you have a good DJ blending the songs they do sound like they all have the same beat because they have been mixed into each other so that the songs play on top of one another.  I have spent too much time in DJ booths.  My job as the DJ's girlfriend was to know where the music was both vinyl and eventually CD when he switched over.  Vinyl is better but such a pain to lug around.  The music was really good last night.  I liked hearing a mix of the "popular" house tracks meshed with today's dance music.  I also realized I haven't danced in a really long time.

The people at the club were even great.  For the most part all the snobs stayed home.  I didn't have to fight to get to the bar.  I didn't have to elbow anyone to get through to the bathroom.  The bathrooms were clean and taken care of throughout the night.

We even met a few awesome ladies.  This one chick Melissa was from New Jersey.  I met another girl who's name I can't remember that was from Lithuania.  Both of these ladies were hyper insecure but stunning.  Melissa kept going on about how "big" she is and the girl from Lithuania was getting ready for another nose job.  This girl has the cutest nose.  I kid you not.  It's cute.  She was tall, slender, long straight blonde hair, a round face, and a small nose.  She looked like model, but her boyfriend doesn't like her nose.  Huh, what?  Our Jersey girl was great.  I have her number and she actually texted me in the morning to make sure we had made it home safely.  I am not sure if its my age or if people are a bit different at these clubs but for a change I didn't feel like I was being sized up or judged by the other women.  Instead I felt like everyone was really friendly, talkative, and out for fun.  I have to wonder if my past experience was my own insecurities and lack of perspective.  But last night wasn't completely about status and that was enjoyable.

Going home I fell asleep in the limo.  Yep... I wasn't out cold though.  When one of our guy friends decided to use my leg as a pillow I was definitely awake and then he got sick.  -_-  Thankfully, not on my leg and not on anything in the limo.  Oh yea... we took a limo.  I rarely drink and when I do its even rarer I let loose but being with good friends that I know won't be gossiping about our shenanigans the next day, not having to worry about driving, and not being close to home allowed me the freedom to do so.

It also gave me a wicked hangover.  I feel like a big part of today was wasted because of the hangover.  Another reason drinking doesn't do it for me.  However, I don't normally get hangovers when I drink.  Last night I neglected to eat a full meal before we went out because I wasn't feeling great.  I also left my car at my friends house so I did not have my water bottle at my other friends house.  Not fun.

I woke up to my trapeze teacher asking to push our class back an hour which was good.  Then I woke up to a two year old determined to wake me up.  My head was killing me so I snuck out and laid back down.  I then woke up to more trapeze messages an hour later with my head feeling a little better.  I was driven back to my car and the whole ride felt like my brain was in a blender.  I then drove home, told the girls at trapeze I might have to cancel, and passed back out.  When I woke up for the third time I felt a million times better.  So I went to class.  I swear trapeze cured the remaining elements of my hangover.  I will never wonder what trapeze can't do because it seems to fix my life no matter what.

The only pic I will share... limo nap time.