Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Novel Idea

 The things my friends come up with...

I went to my first Mary Kay party tonight.  It was an unconventional Mary Kay party as pretty much everyone there had been before and only about half of us had any interest in the skincare line.  I have absolutely no interest in the skincare line, foundation or powder.  I am working with a dermatologist to help calm my skin and I am not about to attempt anything new on my face.  This is why I am taking the antibiotic that is making me sick which I think I am going to cut my dose and only take it before bed.  I am supposed to be taking it twice a day but I can't handle being that sick all day, at least if I take it at night I can sleep through it.  So bring on the eye shadow, eye liners and lip gloss!

I wound up buying only two eyebrow pencils which I am actually rather excited about.

The actual "party" wound up being split in half where the younger group was in the kitchen downing chips, veggies, and cookies while the other half was learning about facials.  You can guess where I was.  During which I had an affair with the tortilla bowl.... I LOVE tortilla's... that's my chip of choice.  Darn you Christine!

My girlfriends mom bought me a wine glass set.  During Christmas I had mentioned not having wine glasses (I don't remember this either) so she bought me a set which is insanely sweet and unexpected.  I can't wait to put them on my little wine glass rack.  My girlfriends cousin asked about the glasses because it is random.  Completely random.  I don't drink wine much.  I don't drink much at all.  But I keep thinking about buying wine glasses in case I have people over.  She said something along the lines of wine tastes the same no matter what cup it is in and she is absolutely correct to a point.  Technically red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and champagne flutes are all shaped the way they are to enhance the wine.  White wine needs air I believe so the glass is wide at the top.  Red wine has a lot of aroma so the top curves in to capture the aromas.  Champagne has bubbles and the flute is designed to help keep the champagne bubbly in the glass.  Science, oh la la.

What I love and why I am writing this blog was the comment that followed (I didn't mention the different glass things because I don't really care what glass my wine is in).  She once drank wine out of a sippy cup at my friends house.

THIS IS AMAZING!  Think about it... house parties where one is going to get a little sloppy... sippy cups meant for kids... no spilling.  I can think of so many couches, chairs and tables I could have saved had we ever thought of this.  Then again when your in your 20's who has sippy cups laying around?  It takes having friends with kids to gain these novel ideas.  With the no spill concept the cup could also ask as a shaker.  When I do drink I tend to constantly stir my mixed drink.  I have no idea why.  I just do.  It's not oil and water, it's not separating but I keep on stirring.  With a sippy cup I could swirl and shake the heck out of drinks.

This is also a great idea for the group lush.  We all know who that person is and when they have gone to the dark side.  Slip them a sippy cup and prevent spillage because odds are they more likely to spill drinks (and waste) then they are to cut themselves off.

I just think this is a great idea and I am sure my new friend is not the first person to think of it, but it's still new to me.  Quick!  Someone patent an adult sippy party cup... or does one exist already?  Hrm.....