Sunday, April 8, 2012

A PTS Thank You to you and you and you...

Before I even attempt to write a blog about my Cortland weekend or any of the topics that popped into my head as a result I just want to say that...

It's when you're having a panic attack on a holiday that one finds out who their true friends are.  I am so grateful for those few that took a few minutes to chat with me.  A big big thank you to my trapeze instructor for being able to chat with me at the height of my panic.  Somehow, I knew she was THE person to contact.  Sometimes all I really is a little reassurance.

Things happen and unfortunately for me they tend to normally happen when those who would normally be around are occupied with their own traditions.  So I am very very grateful.  We all only spoke through text and it's so meaningless at times but so helpful as well.

I also didn't disturb may folks with my panic messages.  So if you didn't hear from me no worries and please don't be offended.

Oh and for those that do not know PTS is Post Traumatic Stress.