Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random Cosplay Tip #1

A random cosplay tip...

Shop seasonal!

I am often out in stores.  I am not always shopping like I was today.  Most of the time I am just looking around and getting ideas and sometimes I am just clearing my head.  I tend to not be able to find anything when I am looking for it.

I am always in seasonal sections both discounted and current products looking at items useful as potential cosplay components.  Not meaning cosplays I am even thinking about doing. 

About a month ago I stopped in Party City and picked up new (and way better) sai's plus a whip.  I don't need a whip but it was $2 on seasonal clearance.  So why not?  Who knows maybe in the future I might kick myself if I don't take advantage.  Also at Party City I picked up foam batarangs.  I have no intentions of a Bat cosplay anytime soon, but you never know.

Today I picked up a sequin bow tie, again I have no need for it but I bet it will work beautifully with the mini sequin top hat I picked up forever ago also for no reason other then a really good price and a possible future usefulness.

Earlier this week my girl posted a pic of water guns she picked up to paint for a cosplay which gave me the idea to hit up the pool section.  I did and I picked up two good size water guns and a bunch of mini ones I plan on painting.  I spent about $4 on the water guns and when October comes around and I randomly think I can pull off an Abby Chase I will have the guns already because in October I am pretty sure summer fun is no longer on the shelves.  Yes, Abby Chase has been rolling around in my head as an idea for awhile now.

I had mentioned cosplaying Spider-Man's White Rabbit (which will not happen for a long time if it does happen) and spring seasonal had THE perfect rabbit ears.  Also during spring seasonal I found a lamb for Bo Peep and a better bunny for Fluttershy's Angel.  As a side note for White Rabbit I also picked up the perfect umbrella (also a spring item).

So always keep an eye out and shop seasonal, especially seasonal clearance.  I figure with all the bits and pieces I pick up I will be able to throw something fabulous together with them. It's kind of like being a kid and having an amazing dress up box.  I never had one of those as a little kid... hrm.... ;o)

So what do you think of cosplay tips?  Should I post more of these as I figure them out myself?