Monday, April 23, 2012

Trapeze Bonanza...

I haven't mentioned trapeze class in a while (on the blog anyway).  Well starting next Tuesday May 1st...

I will officially be back in the AIR!  Yup, I signed up for 7 weeks of fabulous flying in an adults only class.  Not that I mind the kids and I am actually and quite fond of the young fliers I have met, but after work I would rather kick back with an older crowd.  Wouldn't you?

I got the email about the workshops late last week and mulled it over for a bit.  I really want to be flying again, but I wasn't sure I wanted to commit to seven weeks.  Today I said what the hey and booked it.  This is going to one fabulous summer with flying, static, and THREE mini circus vacations at a resort.  Woo hoo!  I am actually very excited to be flying again.  I definitely miss it.

I have been back to the out door summer rig for the last two weeks, but I don't have any pictures.  We did learn new tricks.  Last weekend I asked if I could try an amazon and I did it twice, but I did not take my hand off.  I think I was reaching too high because my neck didn't feel taught and secure against the ropes.  Since I don't have a picture here is a picture of someone else practicing the trick that is also called neck support.  We worked on a slide to split on the bar which will rip apart your arms if your not careful so we put our jackets on slid down to a knee hang and took them right back off upside down.  I might be investing in some fishnet 3/4 length sleeve shrugs soon (if they exist).  We also worked on rolling to a knee hang which is super scary if you let fear get to you.  Oh and more work on the guava, hip thrust, and threading the needle.

Trust is huge in circus.  I get over a lot of my mini fears in static because I trust my teacher.  I know if she is asking me to do a new trick that I can do it and if not she is going to catch me.  With the roll I just talked about, it's a trick where you hold yourself above the bar with the bar between the legs, roll forward, bend your front leg, and catch the bar with the bent leg.  It's fast and scary the first time.

Eventually the bar will be taped purple.
Two weeks ago my own personal static trapeze arrived!  Stella is here!  I haven't mentioned her because I haven't been able to rig her yet, but it's pretty monumental to me.  Having my own trapeze means that I can always practice now.  I never have to have the blues.  Us static girls were trained on rigging at our winter location and we can still practice there.  Personally I like being indoors for static.  I like that the truss moves up and down.  I also like that it is somewhat free of natures elements.  I have noticed myself bruising more since being outside.  It's also humid and there are bees.  Although I love being in out in the sun.  Flying outside can not be beat.  I can't wait to hop off that platform again.

Here are some pictures from our winter location that I have not posted on this blog.  I have been intending to, but life keeps getting in the way.  Here you go!

Air Split on ropes... this is a triceps workout

Pike on ropes

Getting ready to do a single legged turn... my left hand is on the rope behind my butt.

Wendy's gorgeous air split and super fun socks!

Wrapped Gazelles... thats a cyr wheel behind us.

Arch Up into Gazelle
Triple Trapeze

I love that we are all cracking up in this picture

Fish on the Triple Trapeze... not sure what I am doing with my hips.

Triple Trapeze balance... very tricky figuring out where to place your hands

Triple Trapeze Gazelle's... ignore my bent foot.
Knee Turn... and a crazy face...

Muscling through a two legged Monkey Roll (Russian Roll)

Hi ya!


Getting into an Arch Up
Next class I need to insist on pictures and/or video... especially since we have been putting together mini routines.  ;o)