Saturday, April 28, 2012

What a Chilly Circus Bunch...

Yesterday evening my girlfriend cut my hair for me and off we went to our aerials class.  Definitely was not the best class.  Why?

It was COLD!  I am pretty used to being in chilly weather with my tights and tank tops.  When I was flying I was outside in short shorts and tank top up until the end of October.  Last night not so much.  To make matters worse it was super windy.  My instructor got a few good tricks out of me at the beginning but I was being very cautious.  She was asking me to do a hip circle to single knee and I kind of sat on the bar.  She thought I was confused but nope I was just waiting on the wind.

Us three students learned that no matter how much rosin or chalk you have on your hands there is no way to get a good grip on an ice cold trapeze.  No way.  I was sort of okay for a little bit and then it got to a point where I could not hold onto the bar.  Not at all.  We did learn a new trick.  I actually did several successful skin the cats, but we learned to skin the cat and then take one hand off and spin back around to a typical hang.  Not exactly easy.  I did it and I did it right the first time and I could not do it again.  I kept falling.  It was pretty funny watching each of us attempt this while shivering.

We spent the end of the class hanging out and waiting for the rest of the staff to close up the rig.  While waiting around the wind got so strong it actually lifted the mats below the aerial frame up high enough and forceful enough to throw one mat across the area and the other one right into the aerial frame with enough impact to knock the frame from where it is grounded.  I am very happy I was not on the trapeze at the moment, but it does show that even with mishaps like this we would still have been safe because the frame is wired and staked secure enough that it never fell down.  It just moved.

Don't let this be a tale of caution because it's not.  If you have interest in circus arts do not let this scare you.  In the exceptional weather we had last night our class was not canceled because we are not newbies, we are in this for good and therefor weather needs to fear us!  Hard core!  =D

Regardless of freezing and falling a lot we had a lot of fun.  We continued the fun out to Olive Garden and I somehow made it home at 12am exhausted.  Wendy and I are discussing putting together a blooper reel.  I am thinking about picking up a bigger memory card for my camera and setting up the tripod.  This way I can just record class and pull clips.  We both have one good one from flying trapeze.

And as part of my shopping today I picked up some more footless tights for static and some tight shorts for flying.  Flying starts TUESDAY!  AUGH!  I hope I can get video of my first hep.  :o)